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I have been shooting 9mm and .22LR as these are the cheapest to buy lately. I have been buying Remington 9mm at $6.28 per 50rds when on sale at the local Dick's sporting goods store (By the Case Price). Thats about as cheap as it gets unless I shoot free at the departments range. Wolf and Blazer Aluminum 9mm was up until a year ago selling for $4.50 per 50rds on case buys but that even dried up. My guess is that the ammo makers see another AWB and a Hugh tax on ammo to cover so called medical costs of people shot who don't have insurance (Just like the cigarette tax) if Hillary get elected so they are padding their pockets under false claims that raw material has jumped through the roof. While raw materials have increased a bit it does not justify the leap ammo prices have taken lately.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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