Ammo for BOB... How much is enough?

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  1. i have seen this question on many "survival forums" and it puzzles me. in my bob i've included 200 rounds per weapon (rifle/handgun), plus i keep another 50 rounds for my handgun in my truck. if i need to leave my safe zone, then my plan isn't to be "the tactical guy," just another "joe" trying to make it from point a to point b safely. i'm thinking if i need more then 400 rounds, i'm doing something wrong. :?

    how much ammo is in your bob, and why?
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    I have 200 in my "High Alert" Bug Out Vest. I have another 200 that will go in my "Medium Alert" bag, which is just a big camping pack with sleeping bag / tent / blanket and a few more days of hi-calory food.

  3. 200 rounds premium .40 S&W JHP, 2,000 rounds .22LR, planning on adding 60 .223 premium SD rounds once I get an AR.
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    I saw a thread on another forum were a guy had like 1500 total rounds between two guns. On top of that, he had 5 or 6 knives total (including throwing knives). I forgot most of it, but out of maybe 20 listed items only 3-5 were not weapons (very basic stuff like fire starter, etc)... he was basically heading out like Rambo...

    BTW, that 200-rounds number is going to stay the same even when I get another 9mm (pistol to go with my 995).

    My GF has a few hundred rounds of .22LR since they are so much lighter and smaller to carry.
  5. those numbers sound right imho because it's a manageable amount of weight, in additional to your bob... i remember something about 30% of your body weight is a manageable load.. that's assuming your BOV isn't available, and your walking at a decent pace...

    1500 rounds is over the top.. does he have a mule or a dog sled team? maybe this guy is dividing that amount between someone else.. i have no immediate adult relatives in my area, and the weight of my bob is "the weight" i must bare.
  6. for geting from point a to point b Im only going to carry about 200 for my pistol and about 100 my MN the rest will be tucked away safe in a good safe dry place.