Ammo for JCP 40

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    What do you all think is the best ammo to put through the JCP? And also has anyone found a good online site to buy bulk .40 ammo for good prices? I saw on they're selling 500 rounds of bulk .40 for 97.50 plus 8 for s/h. Anyone found anything better?
  2. You can't go wrong with FMJ ammo.. but the JCP should be able to shoot hollow points just as easily. Based on a quick search, that price that you found for 500 rounds of .40 ammo is a pretty good deal.


  3. WOW, thats a pretty good deal. Alot cheaper than around here!!! GOOD FIND!!
  4. 10.50 a box is a steal nowadays. Wal-mart .45 ammo is 15.00 a box now. Don't forget that you can use high-pressure ammo too! :wink:
  5. are they reload? what brand of ammo are they?