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    This is for those of you who like the new Federal aluminum cased ammo (9 mm and 45, not sure of other calibers). I talked to a Federal representative today and found out that the ammo is a Walmart exclusive (the only place you can buy it). He also said that they will keep making the ammo as long as there is a good demand. So, if you like the ammo, and the price (I especially like the price!), you might consider going to Walmart and stocking up, to insure that the demand stays high and Federal continues to make the ammo.

    If everyone already knew this, I apologize for the posting.
  2. undeRGRound

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    Additional info, aluminum cases are GREAT for "reloaders", if you also swage bullets :D
    The aluminum cases have teflon in the outsides, and make very good bullet jackets, according to some bullet swaging folks on youtube...
    DYODD, but it could be another great way to recycle normally unused items!

  3. I bought a box of Federal aluminum case 45acp and will try to save some of the cases if anyone wants them. I don't swage bullets but I have reloaded some aluminum just to see if they would work.
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    Had a few boxes of the 45. Shot them all up. Been to 3 different Walmart
    this week. OOS.
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    I should snare me some of dat...

    Got the new 1911 and the 4595 to feed, and I still need to pick up my JHP from my "gun snob" buddy who "borrowed" it 1.5 years ago... :confused:
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    At $9.97 (9mm) and $14.97 (.40 S&W or .45 ACP) a box, 50 rounds of Federal aluminum case ammo would be an ideal low-cost Christmas gift.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I bought 5 boxes of 9 last week. I wish they had some .40's, or .45's. It has caught on like wildfire!

    The demand will be there for a long time.
  8. Braved the Christmas crowds at 3 different WalMarts so far, and have had no luck finding any caliber. :(

    The clerks at each one said pretty much the same thing..."it's gone as soon as it's stocked"...but none of them were able to tell me when any more is coming in. They claimed it comes in "whenever", as in no specific days or reason???

    Guess I'll just have to keep buying it by the 1,000 so I can get the same :D
  9. How well do they work?
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    camp the store and see when the .22lr hoarders arrive, probably on the same truck
  11. Have you seen any of the "People of WalMart" pictures or videos?
    I'm not camping out
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  13. bscar

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    Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. If you want the ammo bad enough, you'll drag your happy ass outta bed and be there with those hoarders.....and you'll LIKE IT!
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    Dick's has 100 round packs of Federal Champion on sale for $19.98 for 9mm
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    My local Wal Mart always has the .40 and .45 in stock for $14.97. The 9mm is rare to find. I usually buy a couple boxes a 9 when ever they do have it. I use this ammo in my SD40VE, Taurus PT111 9mm, and my Hi Point 995ts and never had a problem.

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    Well, as long as they keep selling it, I'll keep buying it.
  17. I guess different states have different prices....

    Today, at Dicks, 9mm 100 round Winchester was $24.01 (29.99-20%) and Walmart was $19.99 for 50 of the .45 caliber aluminum...they had just one box and that was it. I plan to get a 45 in the near future so I grabbed it.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I got 4 boxes of .40, and 2 9's tonight. I had the money to clean them out and I held back. Evidently the Okies are hesitant to buy it. They had 6 40's and 9-10 9's. Ada, OK if you beat me to it in the morning! ;)
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    Local WalMart had some 40's & 45's NO 9's.

    3 box limit, got 3 45's. $14.97 here in Mi.
  20. This is a Walmart exclusive? That means if we see this on Gun broker or armslist, we will know the seller is a scalper.