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  1. I was just wondering if you guys keep a ton of ammo on hand or if you are like me and keep a few boxes of defense and work ammo and then shoot up the rest just as soon as you get it? :D
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    Not trying to sound like a dick.....but you dont need to know.

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    3,000 rnds .22LR <--cheap
    1,600 rnds AK food <--Hard to find
    50rnds 00buck, <-- buy 1 box every time i get range ammo
    500rnds 9mm JHP<-- same as 00buck
    2 or more boxes of every other caliber i have.
  4. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS..............the more the better.....
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    i keep minimum on hand:
    20k .22 LR
    15k 12 ga mix of all types
    12.5k 9mm luger
    and 5k each in 7.62x39mm, 5.56mm, 7.62x51mm

    oddball calibers for my fun guns in 30-30, 45LC, 380ACP, 25ACP, 45-70 etc i just keep maybe 10 or 12 boxes of each

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    th more the better. I am currently trying to slowly build up my numbers.
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    I would rather not say exactly how much i have in an open forum but let's just say i am prepared for war.
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    afraid to post ammo numbers? a little paraniod i think

    i have more shotgun and .22 ammo than i know what to do with but i shoot up most of my .45 ammo soon as i can get time to practice. i always make sure to have at least 50 rounds or so besides whats in the gun just incase you should ever need to reload that many times. but really if you need that many rounds you will probably be dead already.
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    40 s&w to me is like candy, only able to keep 200-300 rnds.
    9mm about 200.
    30-40 about 50 rnds when I can find it.
    .22 try to keep 600+
    12ga just a couple of boxes.
    I'm feeling a bit jelous w/some of the other guys round counts :wink:
  10. pretty piss poor right now. Couple hundred .40's(I've only got 100 left of the last batch of 500 I loaded), few hundred .22's, 150ish .38/.357, couple hundred .308, couple hundred birdshot/skeet loads but no buck right now. I've only got a hundred or so rounds of 7.62x39 left now as well.

    I keep a bug out box containing each of my calibers. It has 100 rounds .40, 200 rounds .22, 100 rounds .38 and .38 +P, 80 rounds 7.62x39, and a bit more as well. I also keep a survival kit, dicessant, and light sticks.
  11. I have 1k of each caliber and plenty of reloading components and more on the way, just came upstairs a few minutes ago was loading some 9mm. The .45 I don't bother loading untill I get enough to do a few thousand as the Dillon press is really fast, I just reload the 1,000 that I have on hand over again if I run low while saving the other components untill I can load at least 5k.

    The 9mm I constantly load as I do that on a single stage press and it takes longer. Have 1k, components for another 1k and will be order more 9mm components this week (another 1,000 cases and 1,000 bullets)

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    Agreed. Not enough.

    I just went to the range and blew my load all over the targets.

    I have enough for one more good trip to the range, After actually checking the ammo inventory.

    After that I would be left with just basic HD and a few hunting rounds.

    Trip to the store is in the near future.
  14. I just got off the phone with the DoD, they are wanting to resupply the troops................. :shock: :p

    With out being home to count at the moment, I am pushing 20k of various types and sizes............
  15. OK, I'm seeing people say they have lots and lots of ammo and more to reload. What I would like to know is where do you keep all of it. I mean I would think that you would need a bunker to keep that much in a home. Me, I will always have at least 1 bullet for each gun I own.
  16. Right now, I have about 1000 rounds of 9mm, about 250 rounds of .45ACP and LOTS of .22lr. As far as heavy rifle ammo, I have anywhere between 250 - 500 rounds of each caliber EXCEPT for 7.62X39... I can't seem to keep that stuff around for nuthin'..... :shock: :roll:
  17. I'm in sorta the same boat: recently started with nothing, and I want to build a stockpile. But I can't afford to write a check and call in the forklifts.

    So I've joined the box'a'week club. Depending on how flush I feel, that may be .22 minimags, or 9mm, which match my currently working gats.

    That'll include .40s shortly when I get that pistol working, but right now, it's costing bucks just to get it up to spec :D

    Oh, and .25, when this recalcitrant b___d finally swallows enough replacement parts .

    (D___d project guns! As the old saying goes, you buy 'em books, you buy 'em books, and they still can't read.)
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    Why so much .22LR and 12 gauge?
  19. I have shelves set up in my reloading room, which is down in my basement it doesnt take up as much room as you think. Most of it has been collected box by box. If I bought 1 box to shoot, I would buy 1 box to put away. When I go on days off, I will try to borrow a camera and post you a pic...........