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    Ordered my .45 Hi-Point today.

    Which type of ammo (Brass, Steel, Etc) is best?
    Who has the best price online?

    After reading a lot of post here, it seems like brass is best.
    Ammoman seems to have the best price.

    Agree? Disagree?

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    ammoman seems a little high for me. kinda like the shipping price is added in. I'd check sportsmans guide, there prices are usually decent although its usually 2 weeks before the stuff gets to me (im in arizona).


    Go here.


    As of 1600 today, not counting shipping, quite a few people seemed to have ammoman beat. Not sure why the shipping part is down, and as other projects are taking up my time I haven't had time to validate any .45 deals, so you might want to look into that yourself.

    Good luck!
  4. i can't say that one site is always better than another, so it depends on what's on sale at the time... example.. i just rec'vd a bulk order from for 9mm ammo, and i've been comparing it to many other sites, plus my local wally world. the simplest answer is: budget for ammo, and when it's on sale get it because everyone seems to be looking for ammo at a good price.. good luck and enjoy your new hi point!!
  5. WELCOME to Hi Point. You will like your .45 and still end up purchasing more HiPoints!
    WOLF brand has the lacquer coated which HiPoint will tell you to stay away from. BUT others like my self and waltham will tell you we've had no problems with WOLF. Just keep your weapon/s clean. Brass seems the way to go.
    nclpta pretty much summed it up as far as "deals". But remember, when you see a "good" deal, they'll always get you on the shipping though.

    Don't forget to check out the "stickys" and "search" you'll be surprised how much info is out there.
    Good luck!
    Buy lots of ammo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 :wink:
  6. I checked several places and they did have better prices than ammoman until I started to check out and the shipping charges pushed the cost higher than ammoman.

    Here in TN I can get Wolf at the monthly gun show for 1000/$149.80 plus $7 for entry. Cheaper that ammoman and those other sites. Plus I can turn my nose up at the expensive guns and pimp the Hi-Points to any who will listen. :D
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    Gee, do ya think? :roll:
  8. I get all my ammo from wally world, but I don't buy in monster quanities either. They sell WWB 100rd. box for $28.88. Welcome to the site and happy shooting.