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Discussion in 'Caliber Zone' started by Etechonline2002, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Etechonline2002

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    I have found that ammo prices have gone up 10-20.00 or so on a lot of popular rounds and only 2-5.00 on not so popular rounds.

    Example: .45 ACP was 25.00 a box now 35.00 a box.

    And stuff like 22lr the local stores receive 7 little boxes of it im talking cheap stuff too. Or just out of it completely.

    Anyone else have this problem.

    But gun prices have never been better in my area and they are stocked.
  2. MachoMelvin

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    I just bought 500rds of WWB 40 S&W yesterday for $170, in front of a WM not in it. We ARE still stocking a 1000rds per gun right?

  3. what area? ............

    380acp 19.95 50rd box (rem)
    22lr 7.00 50rd box (cci)
    7.62x51nato 14.95 20rd box (ZQ & win)
    in IL
  4. desertrider

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    Only 1k rounds?

    What happened to the "one is none, two is one" adage?

    And yeah, prices have gone up a little on some, but have dropped on others. Internet bulk buys are still your best option when you can find the "no shipping fees" sales.
  5. Back2School

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    I am cheap when it comes to ammo. I keep some good stuff for emergencies, but usually get the cheapest that works (and I started reloading some of my own .45 with lead).

    9mm Tula Academy $10.99 a box of 50
    .40 Monarch brass Academy $16.99
    .45 Monarch steel Academy $14.99
    .45 Monarch Brass Academy $18.99

    They seem to keep in stock and can pick up almost anytime with no shipping

    Bass Pro Remington thunderbolt .22 $2.49 for 50. Found in stock a fair amount of time. Limit 2 boxes

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    just paid $13.69 for a 50rd box of 9mm Blazer brass 115grain and bought (2) boxes which now has me at 980 rds total for 9mm !!!
  7. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    980 is good if you only have one 9mm?
    I am in trouble, I just counted and I have 13-9mm's weapons. I will need to buy more bullets or sell some guns? NOT!
  8. ? 22lr isnt even thought of in my area. As for others not sure, .45 I get reloads from a friend, and what 22 I can find I use for pratice and competition....
  9. Hot-Shot

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    Reload Reload Reload !

    I reload 9mm,40cal..223 and 357 Sig ammo. have to buy .22, just picked up a brick of 525 Reminton Goldens for 24.95 at Dicks sporting [​IMG]
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  10. NWPatriot

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    Northern Oregon:

    50 rounds 9mm plinking ammo: $15.99-$18.99
    50 rounds 40S&W plinking ammo: $19.99-$24.99
    50 rounds .45acp plinking ammo: $23.99-$28.99

    .22lr - hard to find here still. I've managed to get (3) 500 round bricks of blazer .22lr through Cabela's online (we don't have Cabela's stores here yet) in the last month for $27.99 a brick. About the best price I've seen in a while, but still high. At least I can keep shooting.
  11. bigfrank330

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    I have not bought since I started reloading
  12. Etechonline2002

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    Oc ca area. Look at walmart and ill never buy there its crazy prices and no inventory. Every spot where rounds should be is empty.
  13. Dicks by me hasent had .22 since the bush admin.. lucky you.. I cant find a brick at this price to save my life....