Ammo prices.., why the sudden jumps???

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    What's with the jack in ammo prices lately? Did Bush's war suddenly bring on a shortage of gun powder or something? I've noticed over the last few months that ammo prices are starting to get out of hand in a few places.

    I won't even use my HP .380 for target shooting anymore as the price on .380 ammo is getting out of hand. The price of .380 ammo was already high enough considering it's availablity and production. This pistol has now been retired to home defense only. The best price I've gotten was at Walmart and that was nearly $30 for a box of 100 rounds of Winchester. That box was nearly 30 cents a round! My local gun stores cheapest .380 ammo I've seen was $14 a box of 50 rds, yet he hasn't carried a box at that price in almost a year. I think his cheapest box now is $16.99!

    I've also noticed that even .22 ammo is getting pricey in places. As mentioned here before a 550 round box of Federal .22LR HP's have gone up quite a bit in less than a year. A box of this stuff now is $12 at WalMart.

    Are any of you guys seeing ammo price jumps? Are the companies just getting freakin greedy or what?

  2. My gunsmith at Gander Mtn told me that their powder safe is too small to keep up with handloading demand... Apparently I'm not the only one deciding to take the matter into my own hands.
  3. At my local Meijers store I was scooping up 100 rd boxes of WWB 9mm for $14.95... a few weeks ago....picked up 1,000 rds.

    Knew I should of cleaned them out...went back today and its $23.95/100 rds!!!!

    Now Wallyworld is actually cheaper at $18.99/100 rds!
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    man we have this same subject pop up in different threads every couple weeks or so...LOL
  5. Ammo goes up every couple of weeks it seems lol....
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    Just loaded up 500 rounds of 9mm FMJ 124 Gr in a pretty hot load for 12.9 per round.

    Also loaded up 100 rounds of 155 Gr. .40 S&W with factory cast bullets for the same price. Bought a box of .40 S&W to use for setting up my dies, and they were $0.34/rnd. I will have paid for the dies I bought today within the first 200 rounds! I'll never buy factory ammo again, unless it's defense loads, or when I get a new caliber that I need to set up dies for...