Ammo Prices

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  1. JoeDoe22

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    Arent those coated with some type of lacquer?

  2. Yes they are, some people have trouble with them, others no problems at all.
  3. The Wolf ammo is now polymer coated. Polyformance is what it's called. My SKS freakin loves the stuff. I'm thinkin of picking up a box and see if it works in my HP.
  4. GlockMan

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    My .45acp's, .40S&W, 9mm and 5.56 and 7.62x39mm all love Wolf, no problems.
  5. I just bought Wolf .223 @ 3 boxes for $10
  6. Good stuff for 7.62, y'know. I haven't tried anything else.

    Anyway, over the weekend, my local gun store told me that ammo prices will be going up after New Years... once again. We've been seeing that and hearing that all year, haven't we? Anyway, ammo always makes a good Christmas present. 8)
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    7.62 x 39 good prices..... ....... Free shipping!!!

  8. As waltham41 said, "some have troubles and some have no problems". I get that AW45 Wolf for $9.99 50/box.
    My .45 eats them right GMan has said in previous post's.
    Bottom line is, they are inexpensive for me and I have had no problems with that brand for my .45!
  9. I just found out the semi local wal-mart (27.6 miles from my house) will no longer be selling pistol ammo :cry: oh well the good news is they were clearenceing off every thing they had i got 13 100rnd boxes of winchester target for 4.95 each , 9 boxes of remmington 50rnd hollows for 5.00 a box and 12 boxes winchester 100rnd 380acp for 6.32 so i am pretty happy at least for a weekend or two.
  10. Did they tell you why they are discontinuing their line of pistol ammunition? I have never heard of a Wal-Mart doing that.
  11. Prime I think it may just be this wal mart. i told my wife to stop by the one on her way home but she said this one didnt have any on clearance.
  12. JoeDoe22

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    Yeah, I saw his post and jumped in the car and went to the three wallys closest to me and they were all still $15...I still ended up bringing home 6 value packs of 9mm though :oops:
  13. Yeah it could be that the General Manager of the store is an anti-gun freak that doesn't want to sell ammunition that "might be" used in a crime....Retarded if you ask me, but heh... Oh well. I know the Sporting Goods guy at my local Wal-Mart pretty good and he told me that ammo is where Wal-Mart makes their most money in the whole Sporting Goods department. They can't hardly keep certain calibers on the shelf, they get a shipment in and it sells out the same day.
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    Where is this Wal-Mart located?
  15. Silicon Wolverine

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    95% of the wolf ive shot has been good. ive had a few 7.62x39mm rounds that didnt have a primer flash hole and just pop the primer out when yopu pulled the trigger. I also had a few boxes of the copper washed .380 ACP pistol rounds that simply didnt function in my old PPK. Seemed too low powered. past that its been good.


  16. Grand Rapids michigan.
  17. JasonJ

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    hmm i think i know where that walmart is.. my aunt lives in GR.

    funny its the birth city of Meijer.. their number 1 competitor in the northeast.
  18. Several Wal Marts in my area have discontinued selling firearms but still carry ammo, muzzleloading rifles and muzzleloading accessories during hunting season. The Wal Mart store 19 miles north of my home, and in the town I work in, still carries firearms, ammo, muzzleloaders and accessories. I spoke with the SG manager at that store and she said they sold more firearms in her store than several other stores in the area combined.

    So... seems to me that stores with low volume sells of firearms and ammunition have discontinued them while stores with higher volume sells are still ordering and selling. From a business standpoint this makes sense... stock and order what sells best and discontinue items that do not move well.

  19. Actually the birth place of miejer is Greenville michigan it is about 30mins north of GR, however a bunch of the meijer stores are not selling weapons any longer also the wal-marts round here are starting to cut back on ammo and weapons also.