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    I know this has probably been asked a thousand times before, but without knowing where to look, maybe you guys can offer some suggestions.

    I received my new 995TS yesterday, and went to Wally World today for some 9mm ammo. They had three brands on sale...Federal 115 FMJ for $12.77...TulAmmo (Russian) 115 FMJ for $10.97...and, PerFecta (Italian) 115 FMJ for $9.78. All are 50 round boxes, and I bought one of each. I've used the Federals before in my CCW, so I'm familiar with it, but have never used the other two. Are they any good? Are they ok to use in this carbine? I've read that the Hi-Point carbines will fire just about anything, but not having any experience with these particular loads (TulAmmo & PerFecta) I'd really like some opinions before running them through my new gun. Thanks!
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    Yes its been asked a million times. The answer is the same:

    Unless you try it in YOUR gun you'll never know how it works. What works great in mine, may or may not work as well in yours. What works for you may or may not work in someone elses.

    Only way to know for sure how it will work in YOUR gun, is to try it in YOUR gun.

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    If by "ok" you mean safe, they're about as safe as any other mass produced store bought ammo for the HP. The HP 995 can run some of the crapiest ammo successfully.
    Federal I've used for years with no prob, Tula the same, though lately I've had a few hard primers, and it's filthy. PerFecta so far I've only fired about 1,000 rds, but with complete success, and it's looking to be clean, non steel, locally plentiful and cheap.
    Fun cheap.
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    Some like the Federal Aluminum as well... say it is relatively hot! :eek:
    "T"(alon) is correct, see what your carbine likes.
    All of these WalMart brands are safe, try them ALL!
    WWB is a good one too, a bit hotter than PerFecta...
  5. I have run the cheapest junk ammo I could find through my 995's (as Melvin would say: I might have more than one?) and I've never had a problem.
    Brass, steel, or aluminum cased; the gun didn't care.

    I do eyeball my ammo before loading it into my firearms. Last year I bought a bunch of Tula Brass (the stuff in the round tube) and found two rounds that had manufacturing defects. One had a primer that was set way too deep into the casing, and the second one obviously got jammed in their machinery. This second defect would have either jammed my gun, or resulted in a squib.

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    The only thing I have against European Tula, is it is very dirty. Cleaning a firearm is my favorite thing to do next to taking the wife shopping.
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    I've had relatively good luck with the brass Tula, but the last steel cased Tula I bought had about 50% of the rounds underloaded. I could actually see one of the bullets come out and hit the ground about 20 ft in front of me. It may have just been a bad batch though.
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    Thanks for the info! The PerFecta, being the cheapest of the 3, may be the way to inexpensive plinking/practice!
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    Thanks for responding. Good point to check each round before loading it. I'm looking forward to trying it all. Lol...maybe teach the wife to clean guns, and use it as a bargaining chip! On second thought...they seldom can be bargained with.
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    I went thru some Perfecta in my HP and a few scattered rnds out of a box of 50 failed to feed which I am pretty sure was mag issues, not ammo. All the ones that fed went bang and was pretty accurate.