Ammo selection for .380 and .45 Hi-Point pistols.

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    After shooting several different types and brands of ammo in my Hi-Point .380 I have to accept the apparent fact that the gun just does not operate properly with any kind of cheap ammo. It works perfectly with any type of higher priced, premium ammo that I put through it but has constant FTF's with cheaper / target load ammo. Other than that, I LOVE my Hi-Point pistol. My brother's Hi-Point .45 ACP shoots anything you want to put through it with no problems. He says the $200 it cost was some of the best money he has ever spent.
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    Is it new-ish?

    If so, it probably needs more time to break in.

    If not...I don't know. My .380s are both well used, and function well, with any ammo.

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    give it time, hold it tighter.
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    My 40 was the same way. Ftf every other shot. Make sure the mag is in spec and just keep force feeding it. 300 rnds was the sweet spot for my40. Didn't feed well till 275,@ 300 it semms to function well.

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  5. My wife's 380 works great, but then I reload. I load the loads hotter and a tad longer for it than her JA 380. The rounds for HP will fit in the JA magazine.

    We are throwing 95 gr HP at 950 FPS, still mild recoil and the gun functions perfectly. Considering the expense and shortages of 380 ammo I suggest anybody who shoots a 380 regularly get into reloading.

    Forgot, leave your slide locked open for about a week, and then try it.
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    If you are having failures to feed then you could try polishing up the feed ramp. I am almost certain that would fix the problem. The only problem I have ever had with Hi Points was the feed ramp is rough from the factory. This can cause the bullets to skip off in odd directions as is it travels from the magazine to the chamber. And like mentioned, the magazine could be an issue as well but besides that there arent too many things that will cause a failure to feed.

    Edit- If you think the problem is that the slide isnt being pushed back far enough to properly feed the rounds from the magazine, then leaving the slide open for a while like mentioned previously could help by weakening the springs bit enough to allow proper cycling.

    I always keep my Hi Point well oiled, including the striker/firing pin springs and recoil springs. That will also help the slide move to the rear with ease.
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  7. Reloading is the way to go. For half the cost of a single off the shelf 230 FMJ I get to fire '2' 185 JHPs. Practice with exactly what I would use in a home defense situation so you know the round will go exactly where you intend it to go. I get to fire at least '4' of my reloaded JHPs for every as you called '1' premium off the shelf JHPs that run over $1 dollar a pop. You then get to tailor your loads for your intended use. Target, competition or home defense. When you reload it is VERY important to get a Go-No-Go gauge to insure your handloads will cycle properly. Also with reloading you don't have to worry about shortages of off the shelf ammo.

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    I discourage reloading SD ammo. If you ever find yourself in a firefight or SD situation and come out on the living side think of this.

    You just shot someone. What kind of ammo was used? Not factory manufactured? Why? Were you loading ammo with malicious intent?

    I would be very careful and think hard on how you would need to prepare a defense. The prosecution has an entire library of laws to throw at you.

    You will have enough stress after the incident.

    Just sayin'
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    I'll try locking the slide back and check the ramp. I have put almost 500 rounds through the gun and it is getting better but , still having a few ftf's. Self-defence hp's with chrome or nickel casings have never given me a problem. Just the brass cased fmj standard or target loads. Thanks for the advice.
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    I polished my feed ramp and that seems to help. I also pull up slightly on the front of the cartridge when I put it in the magazine.
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    Ya mine shoots anything fine. My buddy had problem. Come to find out he was "limp" wristing to much. Stiffened up and all good for him now.
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    Quit limp wristing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Kidding....

    It may be the fact that the less expensive ammo is loaded a bit light. That may be causing the cycling issues. Hi Points like a bit of a hotter load to help them cycle properly. Hotter loads help overcome the weight and mass of the heavy slide used on a Blowback operated gun.

    That is also why lighter loads work well in a lock breech action. The slides are not as heavy and dont require the extra power to make it cycle properly...
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    HPR and Fiocchi are great in my .380, both in FMJ and SD rounds.

  14. HPR is fantastic stuff and I see it often at cabelas, but I'm a real cheap ass, I'd rather buy two boxes of cheap ammo than one box of high quality stuff... I shoot a lot of steel case and surplus.

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    cf 380 problems STILL!!!!!!!

    Last weekend I once again went to the range and continue to have FTF problems with my 380. I have cleaned it , deburred the magazines, left the slide locked back for 2 weeks, left the magazines fully loaded for 2 weeks. I have put almost 600 rounds through the gun. I read the suggestion about polishing the feed ramp but, with what type of Dremel bit? I cannot feel or visibly see any rough spots or edges on the ramp. Still shooting a variety of ammo. I tried some TulAmmo 380 fmj, 95 grain, steel cased ammo. That was a mistake! On the 12th round I had a FTF resulting in an out of chamber detonation that left the slug stuck halfway down the barrel . I got home and safely removed the slug from the barrel . I found no visible damage to the barrel inside or outside. I am going to the range again tomorrow to try it one more time. If the gun does not function properly I am DONE WITH IT !!!!! I am an average, occasional shooter . I purchased this gun a year ago, and I shot it on 4 prior occasions and have had nothing but problems with FTF's. The ironic thing is that a friend of mine and my brother both bought Hi-Point 45's and have had no issues at all. And I have met several people who own Hi-Point 40's and 9 mm's that say they have had no problems. So either I got a DUD of a gun or there is a problem between the 380 cal round and the design of the gun. I have owned a variety of semi- auto pistols in my life, 32acp, 380, 9mm, 45acp, new and used, domestic and foreign made and I have never had this much trouble with any of them !!!! This gun gets one more chance !!!!!!!!!

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Call HiPoint and send it back.

    I've never polished a ramp. I would like to. Flitz is a polish I have heard used. Don't use a burr. Cotton wheel or other such.

    Never had a problem with my 45. I do want to polish the ramp, and on some other guns I own.
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    Any ball ammo at all

    My JHP cycles any ball ammo at all. WWB, Magtech, Remington, kitchen sink. It's also crazy accurate, like it aims itself.
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    Thanks for the comments. I'm going to the range in the morning. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    All that sillyness and you haven't tried adjusting the mag feed lips? The #1 reason for FTF problems with the c-9/cf-380. And make sure the firing pin isn't bent.

    "left the slide locked back for 2 weeks" What the hell for?

    Don't. There's no reason to. It's not your problem

    Someone here will gladly give you $50 to take that pile of $#!t off your hands.
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    Well, I finally figured out what the problem was with my 380. Prior to going to the range yesterday I disassembled my pistol to recheck everything and to see if I had missed anything the last time I cleaned it. And giving thought to the recommendation that I polish the feed ramp on the barrel I inspected it a little more closely. Although it looked and felt smooth it did not look right! I started sanding it with some 400 grit sand paper and found that there was a heavy layer of PAINT on the ramp !!! I never considered that paint would be there. I thought that was the blued surface of the metal. I got the paint removed , went to the range and now the gun works PERFECTLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even shot the TulAmmo that failed so miserably last weekend!! My brother went with me and brought his HP 45 . I inspected his pistol and found the same problem. He said he had put about 500 rounds through his pistol and had only 3 or 4 FTF"s so we cleaned his too! Why would Hi-Point allow guns to leave the factory like that. I've never seen that before!