ammo sensitive?

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    Took new 45 carbine to the range and 230 gr ball worked fine but had lots of problems with 200 lswc. Is there a fix for this or does it have to be sent in? JOE
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    Quick question is the bullet hanging up on the lip of the ramp if so you might just need to polish the ramp. I've owned a lot of forty fives and most of them without some work wouldn't handle lswc without some work. My Colt Gold Cup being the exception to that rule man I still wish I had that pistol.

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    What Swaga's trying to say is, "Send it in right away. It's defective and could blow up in your face any moment."

    Or like any other gun on the planet, "Feed it what it likes".
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    What Cic is trying to say is you probably need to break it in with regular FMJ round nose rounds before going more exotic.

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    I would like to get in there and polish the feed ramp....however my instuctions do not go that far........i have no more round ball and my reloads are all 200 lswc. Thanks......JOE
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    No disrespect intended but, it's a very basic firearm. If you can't figure how to disassemble it then perhaps you shouldn't be modifying it. Just sayin'.
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    I'm not a reloader but you may want to check your reloads for correct aol.
    This is also mentioned in the link I posted.
    Since round ball shoots well and reloads don't, it's the reloads not the gun.
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    You asked for help and were given very basic and simple help that will work. Break it in with standard fmj rounds. If you don't have any, buy some. Don't polish or change anything until you do things properly the first time. Break it in properly. Do it right.
    Also as stated if you can't even figure out how to break it down, you've got zero business thinking you're gonna modify it without screwing. Something up potentially.
    Since you DONT KNOW, why not try just listening to the answers given by people who DO.
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  10. Glad to see ya back Talon!
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    I have had no problems with rainer plated swc but i also broke my 4595 in with a ton of ball first. GL
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    ok midias....thatsa what imma gonna do....break her in thanks.....JOE
  13. The only bullet that I have had a FTF in my 1911 was SWC, it is basically a revolver round that has been redesigned for semi autos, but still the same basic design. Semi wad cutters are designed to cut a clean hole, that design means a cutting edge/lip near the base of the bullet. If a bullet could hang up, this is a good way to encourage it. I use Berry's FMJ for my Glock, and cast round nose flat point in the 1911, both perform flawlessly.
  14. There's a couple videos on YouTube that explains the procedure.But like others have said,it's better to fire plenty of standard in it first.We use federal fmj mostly from online.A local guy sells his reloads pretty cheap that we're happy with.We've shot under 1000 rds with no problems.Gonna try those Hydro shok hollow points next time out.I've saved a few dozen milk jugs over the Winter.Should be fun!
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    I would check if the feed ramp feels rough before doing any work to it.
    Also, load data for exposed lead bullets tend to use a lighter powder charge than jacketed bullets. Loads that are fairly light can affect the full cycling of the receiver.