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  1. Shipping price of $10 per box or what? I was going to order 500 rds but they would not provide shipping amount until I completed the order! No deal unless I know what I'm getting into.

    Could you find anything about the manufacture? I could not.


  2. I think shipping is $9.99 up to a certain ammount. I know I bought 300 rounds 7.62x39 from them a couple weeks ago and 4 AK magazines and my shipping was only $9.99. I know on their site it says $9.99 for up to 500 rounds of the 7.62x39 but I don't know what the limit would be on the 9mm. One thing to know ahead of time is if you buy ammo from them you have to mail, fax or email them a copy of your drivers license. I took a picture of mine with my digital camera and emailed it to them. After your first purchase they say they keep it on file. One thing to note about that company is I sent them 2 emails asking questions about my order and never recieved a reply on either one. But other than that I was happy with them they sent my order out correct and in a timely manner.
  3. Oh and on the description for the 9mm it says S&B so my guess is it is Sellier & Bellot brand. I have no experience with that brand of ammo. Oh and on their main page it says $9.99 shipping for up to 500 rounds during their big ammo sale. So it should be $9.99 for up to 500 rounds of 9mm.
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    I've never heard of that ammo myself...then again I'm rather picky in what I use...Just recently took a risk outside my comfort zone on WWB and tried the Remmington UMC and found them to be far more responsive in my C9.

    Then again, that was on a whim...glad I took the risk but I'm cautious about ammo
  5. Well that makes it a great deal then. Thanks for your reply.
  6. Looked like the 10 box (500 rd) was much more expensive per rd than just buying 9 boxes, so that's what I did.

    This is steel case stuff, but might just the thing for the 995, whenever I get around to shooting the mother!
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    If this is the "range safe" S&B, then it's fine. I bought some not long ago. The stuff I got is copper washed steel. Shot fine in my M&P as well as my 995.

    S&B is fairly well known. From what I have read, it should be cleaner than WWB, and might be a little hotter as well. They do seal the primers for moisture protection, which is a nice touch.
  8. Carbin8r, Welcome to the forum, we're glad you're here!
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    Yes, welcome aboard! Thank you for the input! :)

    What part of CO you in?
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    Just made an order of 10 boxes of this stuff... AFAIK the total including shipping will be 69.89 for a total cost of 13.9 cents per round.. .. Not bad, WWB here in Tucson W/sales tax is 16.99 per 100 rounds .. Its like a sale of buy 4 boxes get one box free! Maybe an Idea: this S&B ammo that is stated in the OP is eligible for the 9.99 shipping, If you want more than 500 rounds.. Break it down into multiple orders of 500 rounds in each order. I dont know if you order 1000 rounds (in one order) they might try to charge you $30.00 for shipping.. maybe more... maybe less... they dont tell you till you place the order which sucks.. but as long as its 9.99 per 500 rounds... Id buy em in bricks of 500... Just a thought.
  11. Their prices on brass-cased 7.62X54R aren't bad either. 10.99 f/ FMJ and 12.99 f/ SP. They've also got bagged Euro (read: Corrosive) for 3.99.

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    S&B ammo....

    I have used a lot of S&B in .45 cal----good stuff.
    I would assume the 9mm is probably just as good.
  13. S&B is probably the largest ammo maker around and actually makes ammo for alot of other companies.
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    I have had some QC issues with S&B I also know others that have had QC issues with them too.. But I have not had any issues in the last few boxes
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    S&B is pretty huge. Several different factories, different quality levels for each one. They do alot of contract work for the major brands under their name.

    I tend to stay away from the steel cased stuff. me no likey.