Ammo Went UP!!!!!!

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  1. Well here in Colorado Springs WWB 9mm went from 15.66 to 18.44!!!!!

    Glad I am reloading now!!!!!
  2. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    Suck... that is lame. I have not bought any ammo for about a month because I really have not had the chance to go shooting. But when I do get ammo 9mm is on the top of my list which is now lame... :?

  3. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    screw, ammos always going up :\

    .22lr is about the only thing reasonable to shoot a lot of anymore.
  4. Until you start casting your own bullets, then you can shoot more for less.
  5. jason865

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    That only works for slower moving rounds though, anything real high velocity and you are still out of luck.

    Shocked the crap out of me this weekend. I picked up a 100 rounds of 12 guage ammo to shoot skeet with and it was $22. Same box a few months ago cost me like $12.
  6. Joe Sixpack

    Joe Sixpack Guest

    what i find funny is the wal-mart where i live leaves shotgun ammo on the shelf.. but lock up everything else.
  7. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    $7 for 20rds of Wolf .223, bought 100rds yesterday....and fired them today :p
  8. That's not a bad price Ridge, you should stock up while you can... I bet this is gonna get really ridiculous before it's over.
  9. screwylewie

    screwylewie Guest

    Prices are on the rise across the board. Tommarow I plan to do a roadtrip to all the local small gunshops to buy up old stock/old price components to insure my shooting future.
  10. Stryker, are you serious? I gotta check what Wally World wants for the same here in Castle Rock...grr...I knew I shoulda stocked up in January...
  11. Yeah. They said it happened overnight??

    That was at the wallmart in the Springs. Platte ave.
  12. Wow -- I just bought WWB last week for the 15.xx price -- I'll have to go check again.
  13. Kelotravolski

    Kelotravolski Member

    I guess this would be a good time to start an ammo factory and undercut the market.
  14. Start the ammon factory and start selling to the gov. and increase your profit margin.
  15. GlockMan

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    Thats and insane price for Wolf!
    Wolf was selling for $2.89 little over two years ago

    I have been using my Hi-Point 995 Carbine at training for reduced ammo costs, 5.56/.223 has gone crazy price wise and its the manufacturers who are price fixing more then anything else.
  16. Jarhead1775

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    As soon as the war is over the prices will come down. Then the market will be flooded with Military Surplus ammo, just like after the first Gulf War.

    I personally would not shoot Wolf ammo. Steel cases in the chamber. Think about what you are doing to your chamber in the long run. My .02 cents.
  17. Went to the Castle Rock Wallyworld. Paid $15.72 per 100 box of WWB 9mm, and $28.98 for 100 box of WWB .45ACP. 400 rounds cost me $96!!! Hoofaa!!! JHP chow is getting up there. The 9mm price still isn't too bad but jeez!!!
    Eh, it's worth it tho, I'm taking my son out shooting tomorrow for his 16th bday.
  18. Wish it was that way in the Springs............ Glad I reload now. EVERYONE SAVE YOUR BRASS!!!!!!!!! lol
  19. GlockMan

    GlockMan Member

    Absolutely nothing, its a Urban Myth.

    Some claimed that it might wear extractors faster then the brass cases which is not the case. As long as the extrator is made of a harder steel then the cases any wear affect would be little to none. And if that was the worst of it I would buy a $10.00 extractor once a year to save the hundreds of dollars in ammo costs. I have shot thousands upon thousands of rounds of steel cased Wolf in 9mm, .40S&W, .45acp, 5.56 and 7.62x39mm and have yet to have a single problem.
  20. 1inthechamber

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    In my area, WWB 9mm is something like $8.82. Bulk .22 doesn't seem to be affected.