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  1. AK47:

    I'd also try the AR-15 site or the SKS boards... never been on the ak-47 site much.


    Also known as "", this board has some... interesting characters on it, to say the least, but if you want to custom build an AR or have other questions about it, they have quite a few people on there who know their stuff. Fair sized AK-47 section too.

    Great post on how to buy an AR-15, what to look for, etc.

    Bersa Forums:

    BERSA Talk

    BERSA Forum (In Argentina)

    BERSA ChapterHouse



    A bunch of very knowledgable shooters, they'll often have a few posts responding to a question within an hour or two of posting.


    Missouri Residents:

    Devoted to a wide range of issues regarding firearms in Missouri, including politics and survival issues.

    North American Arms:

    Saiga Shotguns and Rifles:

    As the title says. Also a fair amount of AK-47 info.


    Not as good as the old SKSboards in my opinion, but still a good website for SKS information.


    General forums:

    Every Day Carry:

    Very informative site on how to EDC your PSK, FAK, BOB options.

    Snipers Hide:


    The Firing Line:

    The High Road

    United Firearms

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  3. Very good list so far. Keep it up. I deleted my link to EDC after I read your list. :D

    Can you add this one too?
    It has pretty good info on how to buy an AR-15 and what to look for. I've learned alot already from it. Got the link from ARF.COM :shock:
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