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  1. I stumbled across this article on 10 Celebrities who are surprisingly Pro Gun. I thought it was interesting, not only the list but 'objective' the writer is.

    Love the line where she talks about 'real researchers' and goes on to make all these claims yet never once cites a source.

    Oh well, it is what it is. Still, it's an interesting list.
  2. Think1st

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    It's typical anti-gun propaganda that talks about children in America being likelier to die by guns than those in any other industrialized country, followed up with a bunch of ad hominem attacks against the celebrities who believe in the 2A. I particularly was impressed with the oh-so-intelligent term "ammosexuals" that the author uses.

    There was not a single piece of objectivity or intelligence in that piece of digital dreck. If they can't intelligently argue against gun rights, then it underscores the fact that their position is logically, philosophically and morally untenable.

  3. MachoMelvin

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    I like Interesting Articles, BUT, this was not one of them.
    Why do most all the ant-gun celebrities want the private security personnel to carry a gun?
  4. I find the list of pro gun celebrities interesting, not the authors liberal anti-gun dribble. Her views didn't surprise me, but the names on her list of pro gun celebrities was very surprising, at least to me. Whoopi Goldberg a card carrying member of the NRA? Not to mention Brad and Angelina, I'd never in a million years thought they were pro gun let alone pro 'have one in the house to protect my family'.

    But yeah, I definitely get your point about the security. I mean if you honestly believe guns are bad, you shouldn't allow them on your security detail. But the truth is liberals only think guns are bad when everybody else has them. If only liberals had guns, they wouldn't have a problem with gun ownership.
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    The same people advocating for only military and police using firearms are the same ones saying the police are becoming too violent and need to be better trained when to shoot or not to shoot.
  6. Think1st

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    I'll bet those same people aren't shedding any tears for the woman who couldn't get a gun in New Jersey and ended up being murdered by her violent ex-boyfriend. Where were The Left's hired guns, then? Oh, I remember. They were surrounding celebrities as personal security detail members and guarding the entrances to their gated communities. Unfortunately for the NJ woman, she couldn't afford anything like that.
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    They'd probably blame her for wanting to get a gun, and say she got what she deserved for trying to get one in the first place.
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    Can I have the 2 minutes of my life back I spent reading that drivel?
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    Brad built Angelina a range for her wedding gift.

    Brad Pitt Gives Angelina Jolie a $400K Shooting Range as Wedding Gift

    Brad Pitt gives awesome presents. Pitt spent close to $400,000 to build a shooting range/armory for Angelina Jolie, his bride-to-be, at the couple’s Miraval estate in southern France, according to The Sun.

    An unnamed source said “Ange,” that raven-haired curvaceous vixen with the perfect lips, is an adrenaline addict who loves shooting.

    “Ange clearly finds shooting an aphrodisiac,” the source said. “When she and Brad were around weapons on the set of 2005’s Mr & Mrs Smith they ended up together.”

    Not much else is known about the range other than it has pop up human silhouette targets.

    For my money, a gun range is a far better wedding gift than the vial of blood her last husband Billy Bob Thornton gave her on the day of their nuptials.
  10. Outlaw

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    A left leaning lame nerd strikes again. She not only spoke of the folks that like guns, she had to drag their dirty laundry out with it. Wonder if she has any? What an a-hole!

    I see stupid people! :rolleyes: