an interesting thing happened at the gun store last week.

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  1. my son went into a rather high end gun shop here last week. he was looking for parts for our AR. and just to go in and see what they had. any way while in the shop a tiny older lady came in and wanted to look at a high end AR 15 totally deck out with all the frills. the man who waited on her ask who it was for, and she told him it was for her, she wanted it for home defence. she had heard it was the best thing to have. the sales man was nice to her and tryed to steer her to a shotgun in 20 gage or s handgun (I thought was pretty nice seeing as he would be loseing a big sale for a smaller one). but nothing doing she had to have a AR. didnt find out how it turned out, my son left before they were finished.
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    oh that is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can't help it, this immediately came to mind!

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    LOL! shoots him in the toodles!i've seen that before, but it keeps getting funnier every time i watch it!
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    Well it sounds like the guy working the counter might have some morals. Good to know.
  6. I could be wrong but the first thing that comes to mind is straw purchase.
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    Nah, I don't think so. With the term "tactical" being thrown around so much, and the hype over the evil black assault rifles and how powerful and dangerous they are I am not surprised to see an elderly person wanting to buy one.

    It is kinda like with computers. Some of the most high end systems I ever built were at the demand of older people who wanted to have a computer that will last until they die, and is top of the line, and kick their grandkids computers ass.....and a million other reasons.

    Every time I explained to them that they do not need a quad core processor with dual Nvidia 8800GTX and 8gb of ram to check e-mail....but it is what they wanted and could afford. After explaining the cost of what they need and what they say they want, if they still wanted the high end system I built it.

    Now in the case of home defense I would look at it in a stronger fashion and explain how hard it would be to hit the BG with an AR at night vs a shotgun. In that scenario I would almost refuse to sell the person the rifle for HD, or at least toss in a Maverick or something if they bought the big gun, that way I could sleep at night.
  8. It is nice to see a retailer looking at "customer service" as a higher than making the biggest ssle. :)