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  1. Greetings all. Took me a few days to get the registration process sorted, but I'm very pleased to be able to finally post. I bought a 995 last week and fired it for the first time last weekend. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. I did make the mistake of getting a 15rn mag before finding this forum and reading about their problems. Hopefully my dealer will take it back, otherwise I'll try the recommended mods.

    I've been pouring over this forum for the last week and I've got to say, I'm extremely impressed and amused. Amused because I'm very active in several motorcycle forums being that I'm a parts vendor. I see in this forum the same innovation, passion, irreverent witt and sense of community that I love so much with my MC forums. There's a strong tie between motorcyclists and shooters. Noise, smell, gagetry, man-over-machine... you get it.

    Lastly, a nod to for the great deal and excellent service. I just received today an ATI 995 stock, UTC red dot sight and another stock & scope for my Marlin 60.

  2. Welcome! Motorcycles and guns are 2 of the things I love, and I think you'll probably like it here. Shoot that 995 as much as you can and invite others. Everyone who has fired my carbine enjoys it, a few have decided they'll get one of their own. If you have questions, ask, the people here like to be helpful. You just might get a little motorcycle advice too. Just to warn you, there's a Mod lurking around here that may try to sell you a used DVD of Quadrophenia--beware.

  3. Welcome, thanks for joining
  4. Welcome cant go wrong with guns and motorcycles.
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    Welcome to the forum!! You'll find an enjoyable group here.


    I do have to take mention against the stereotype of "Noisey, smelly machines". SOME of us ride more civilized bikes.

    That would be Italian bikes for those of you lost in the conversation.

    But beyond that...welcome!!!
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    welcome big time....
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    Don't dispare, I'm sure if you talk real nice to the dealer you can trade that Italian bike (I bet its one of those red ones) in for a nice Triumph. :mrgreen:
  8. Welcome to the fold................ oh, and


    All in jest of course...... we love pics of guns!!
  9. Done.

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    Welcome to the club!
    Dont ditch that 15 round mag just yet...
    I am glad you like the carbine!
  11. I shot the heck out of my 995 yesterday, and loved every minute of it... Glad to have you with us full time finally BellaCourse, Welcome!
  12. Good to have you among us amigo.