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  1. does Hi Point pistol have "generations"? i know some style of pistol have different generation, alloy/stainless steel/polymer...etc. was HP pistol always the way it is? hopping some of more seasoned gun love can answer this odd question.

    i ask a local gun shop owner for the same question but didn't get an answer for it. he didn't even know glock(17) have different generation.
  2. 3daughters

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    yes. they do. I don't know the specifics in the different years, but there are some differences, like the ones they nickel plated years ago.

  3. Joe Sixpack

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    not sure of all the generations but i do know the 1st gen of the gun had a metal frame (what type of metal i dunno) i've never even seen pictures of them though..

    I have heard the metal framed versions was notorious for jamming, i dont know if thats true.
  4. I've seen a picture of one of the old metal framed ones, but never actually held one.
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    My dad just purchased a C-9 Used and It was the metal framed version.. Took me a minute to realize it but I was stunned when I finally saw that it was a metal frame there werent a whole lot of noticeable exterior differences Anyhow It did have a few FTE and FTF issues so its en route to Beemiller right now to be fixed.. I am hoping that they will update it with the new frame.. Fingers crossed
  6. Joe Sixpack

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    really? if i had a metal frame one i'd hope they would fix it and send it back with a metal frame..

    but if they have to do any frame work they will probably replace it with poly, it's cheaper to make and i doubt they even have the ability to pump out a metal frame anymore.