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I have used Old Hickory knives as long as I can remember. The 14" butcher knife made a nice light duty machete. I also used the Sticker, the Skinner, the boning knife, and the pairing knives. I always kept around the 7" butcher knife in a Ka-Bar sheath. I still have mine. Have the handle wrapped in Jute twine and slightly modified the blade tip to remove a chip I put in the blade. It also allows the blade to penetrate better.
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The Old Hickory butcher knife is a favorite to modify. OKC finally answered to the masses and offered their Old Hickory butcher knife with the blade shortened to 5 1/2" added a swedge, and put it in a sheath. I ordered one right away. It’s about the perfect outdoorsman / hunting knife. I recently saw these on sale for $17.00. Wish I had bought a few more!
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