For a number of years Hi Point offered their C380 and C9 series of pistols with the option of an extended barrel compensator system to help with recoil, accuracy, and had the bonus of providing a small accessory rail to users. These guns have been discontinued for the better part of a decade but they are still loved.

What are they?

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A muzzle brake/compensator simply takes the gasses that escape from the muzzle crown when fired and ports them up and out. This does a number of things including helping to counter-balance the muzzle flip that is generated from the action of the slide rocking back during firing. These brakes are used by competition shooters to help steady the gun on target for quick follow-up shots in a minimum of time, limiting the need to search for and find a target again. On the flip side, compensators make a gun feel slightly front-heavy, are very loud (due to more of the gasses being dissipated immediately at the muzzle), and add to the overall length of the firearm.

Hi Point's pistol brakes

Introduced around 2000, the company sold a sub variant of the C380 and C9 pistols with a removable compensator that fit on the end of the barrel's muzzle. These guns were standard model pistols that had been modified with an extended length barrel that stuck out from the slide an extra half inch or so to allow the brake to be attached by a setscrew assembly. What this means is that you can remove the compensator, but that extended barrel sticks out past the slide.

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A Comp 9 without the "Comp" part of the equation. Photo by forum member panoz77.

When added, they would increase the overall length of the gun by about an inch. Mounted along the bottom-side (6 o'clock position) of the brake was a short Picatinny style rail that could be used to mount a red active laser (also provided in some models) or short flashlight.

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Photo by forum member panoz77.

Sadly, the company discontinued these guns in 2008 and, although there have been rumors spoken about for the past six years; they are not part of the current MKS catalog. Further, the company never made production compensated models in .40S&W or .45ACP, which would have been awesome in our opinion.

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The comp has a picatinny mount to which a short laser or light could be attached...

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...and the company sold package sets for a while

Getting your own

While it would seem you could just update your current C9 or C380 to be a compensated model by addition of the factory extended barrel and compensator, these are not currently available to do so from Mom.

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Discussion of these rare birds has popped up from time to time in the forums here and they are certainly popular. Enough so that should the company start producing them again, they would likely have a quick following (you hear that MKS?).

Until then, they show up on gun classified sites like Armslist and Gunbroker from time to time, generally at $150-$200.

Keep looking, maybe you will get lucky.

Just be sure to take the extra length into account in your holster selection..

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