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  1. Challenger76

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    Just took my new c9 to the range. First shots ever fired were a box of 50 tulammo. No problems. C9 ate em up fine. Then 2 boxes of standard brass ammo. Once again zero jams. The c9 needs a little dial in with aim but far as feeding it did great. I'd trust my life with this little gun. I'm thankful to hi point for making nice little guns us 99 percenters can afford. Just thought I'd share that.:)
  2. cicpup

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    That's what the little flat end on the silly wonder tool is for.

  3. Congratulations on getting a C9, I am thinking about buying a CF380, I found a box of 380 in the back of my safe this morning.
  4. Save yourself $100. Send me that box.
  5. Liberty

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    Glad you had a fun trip. What size groups did you shoot?
  6. xtrakrisb805

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    Glad to hear it.. I recently just got my c9 and it functioned almost as well with only 2 hiccups. I now have around 500 rounds through it...thank you hipoint for making an awesome (and inexpensive) firearm! Now if they could only make an awsome (inexpensive) double stack magazine model :D -happy shooting
  7. greg_r

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    As good an excuse as anything. Better than some! Can't have that 380 ammo go to waste!
  8. drscot

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    Heck yes!!!

    That's the way I always do it. I stock up on ammo first (no point in having a gun you can't shoot) and then I have to buy at least ONE matching gun! It's a no-brainer!:D
  9. steel jackets in my 45!! same thing. gotta love em
  10. WPL-2099

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    I bought the C9 last year, it is awesome, just purchased the carbine and a 45 pistol. I havent tried the alluminum caseings yet, as I have heard bad things they will do to your guns....they are cheaper so maybe i will give em a try!
  11. WPL-2099

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    I justify buying all three because they are what most people pay for ONE gun, lol