And just when you thought kali coudnt be more retarded...

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  2. OK, can some one explain this to me? How can a metalized balloon, hitting a power line, cause an outage? It's not grounded? what happens to the grid every time it rains? Water is more conductive than mylar?

    What am I missing here - other then politicians with way too much time on their hands?

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    It's the metallic coating that is conductive, and the ballons would need to be large enough to bridge the lines causing a short, which would not be unreasonable for many of those Mylar balloons.

    A better solution (at least long-term), is to have all these power lines moved undergound. No eyesores, no wind damage or issues with trees.

    But short-term, how about simply making people responsible for their actions? :roll:
  4. What a effin' bunch of idiots. Kalifornia is the "special" state aren't they? I think just about everyone in that state rode the short yellow bus. Everyone in the government damn sure did, up to and including the Governator.
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    it doesn't have to be grounded, You've seen videos of hot air balloons hitting the power lines on TV before... "Max-X", "Real TV", and "Most Shocking, caught on tape" come to mind... The balloon's basket always drops after a magnificent flash of electronic fury, and it wasn't grounded! They aren't even insulated my man, All of the above ground lines are deemed safe, due to their height. And no, it doesn't matter if it rains because they are insulated from the power pole itself by either ceramic or glass... can't tell around here, but I remember shooting those ceramic bells with my BB gun as a lil' kid... It was fun, and yes, I was and I still am a great shot!. Hundreds of thousands of miles of above ground high-voltage lines in the US are made solely of metal. Mostly it's aluminum or a steel core with aluminum wrapping. Adding insulation to every above ground power line would be unnecessary given how high the lines are off the ground. Underground lines must be insulated. But a balloon?
    Heck what's next Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO)?!
    The folks in the Socialist Republik of Kalifornia need to move east if they want to get a sick loved one a "Get well soon!" mylar balloon... No wait, if it's illegal, then prices will skyrocket!!! I'm investing my life savings in mylar balloons and going to Kalifornia to sell them... at crack prices!
  6. and one wonders how the Terrorist Handbook treats this...........

    Chapter 7: Power Grid How-to's:

    Step 1. Withdraw $200 from secret terrorist checking account. Any ATM will do.

    Step 2. Go to any party store.

    Step 3. Buy $200 of mylar balloons and have them laced together.

    Step 4. Leave store. Walk to nearest power line.

    Step 5. Let go of balloons.

    Step 6. Being careful not to laugh too hard, run from ensuing spark shower.

    good golly...........
  7. When I was a kid, our power went out and the guys came out to fix it. They called my aunt outside and showed her a crispy krittered squirrel that had tried to step from one wire to the next, and he was cooked and ready to eat.

    Maybe they ought to think about making it a mandate that the balloons be made of a different material instead of outlawing them, but its not my state or my laws so..........................
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    Or how about moving the power lines underground... It REALLY works! :wink:
  9. An oldy but a goody:

    When you outlaw balloons, only outlaws will have balloons.

  10. Komifornia is nothing but a sanctuary for f**ktards
  11. Komifornia gives stupid a whole new meaning. I'm telling ya they had to practice to get this dumb, nobody is born that dumb. :roll:
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    I have convincing evidence some folks are born that stupid...
  13. PRK needs to outlaw squirrels, too!
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    I hear that Kalifornia is going to repeal the law of gravity. So nobody will get hurt falling down.
    However when I lived in Kal. There was a time or two where the power did go out, caused by the metal balloon. I wonder why the balloons only attack power lines in Califonria? Hmmmm
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    where does your expertise come from?
  17. Only in California. I do wonder why we don't hear of that more often. Like real party places like New Orleans and Vegas. You'd think they'd have an even bigger problem with it.

  18. Hey hey hey!!! Hold your horses, the ''Governator'' was the greatest bodybuilder to ever live, lol.