And now for something totally different.............

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  1. FIVE YEARS MAX! Wow, that's steep for thowin a critter at someone.

  2. yes, but can one get a holster for a hedge-hog?
  3. I believ that you would DEFINITELY want an OWB for that...
  4. can you hide it good enough for ccw????
  5. It would be hard to CCW that varmint. They wiggle around too much, plus they are always grunting. This is funny as hell!
  6. AndrewST

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    I guess he gets an "A" grade for originality.

    ..hmm....steel pipe...nah..

    ....rock....not gonna work...

    oh, well.....what do we have here......


    THAT will do it!

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    OMFG! Did anybody see the video link to the side of that? Man admits to fathering daughter's baby! WTF!!
  8. The first part was funny, the part Ijit mentioned was sick.
  9. ewww

    and neither of them were that attractive either

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  11. :D Was just going to mention that. Good one :lol: