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  1. I am just at work watching Boodock saints and wondering if the rest of you have seen this movie before. if not i would recomend picking it up I like it. Also willem dafoe makes a great gay cop doesnt he?
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    I seen it, and I liked it. This should be moved to "Favorite movies"....or, go ahead and start that thread! We had one in the old forum..
    Start a new thread in the lounge, homie.

  3. sorry i was never in the old forum and i didnt see a favorite movie thead so i apolgize if admin has to move this. on a lighter note i looked up the movie on the internet and they are making a second one
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    No problems, homie: The new thread hasnt been opened.....
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    At work watching a movie?
  6. yeah i monitor sec. systems and front doors how ever our entire building is set up with motion detec so if anything happens an alarm goes off (my boss is the one who showed me watching movies helps with those 14hr shifts like i said be for I love my job!!!!!!!!!!
  7. awesome awesome movie. Totally underrated as far as I'm concerned.
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    cult classic

    i just made a friend watch it for the first time this weekend.... definatly a must see and way better than any sorry excuse for a movie showing these days.

    i liken it to a movie like snatch or blow..... if you have seen it, you love it