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  1. Ok another sorry arse title but here we go got out the range today and broke in the c9 I fired off 362 rounds flawlessly not one singe jam FTF or FTE so I am very happy about that. As for ammo I was using 50rds of blazer and tested out some magtech hollow points and then 6 bags of no name looks like ti was reloaded ammo I bought at the range. haven't got it dialed in yet but its getting there. I also would like to note I want one of those uplula loader because my thumb is killing me and some 10rds mags because it sucks only firing 8 shots then dropping the mag and reloading another 8 I was getting about 2 in groups at 25 yrds and about 4 at 50. Also I would like to point out I just won the 100yrd shootout at the range made a head shot at 100yrds and now I have won a free shoot. But somehow I cheated :roll: some guy said" He cheated hes got a POS hi-point no way he could have made that shot " This coming from a very overweight snob firing a nickel plated sissy pistol. Chalk up one for the point
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    $1000+ pistols dont mean jack if you cant shoot it..... way to go thats a great example of hi point accuracy.

  3. Gotta love people that run their yappers and dont have a clue. Congrats on the good shoot!
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    Yea, well that POS Hi-point is just as accurate as any other pistol I have owned.

    Sure you can get a more accurate fire arm but you need to know how to use it.

    LOL 1000$+ and sucked. Ha, Chalk it up to another Mall ninja.
  5. yeah gotta love it cant wait to get my fobus holster and I need to get some kind of a grip
  6. Hey, let's be fair. No one said 1,000+ gun. I think it was referred to as a nickel plated sissy gun.

    Anyhow, Good shooting with the "pos" Hi-Point :D
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    Agreed I read the 1000+ somewere. Any way I should Read less post at one time. :oops:
  8. Another happy Hi-Point customer! Good shooting and good report!

  9. Had I been there, I'd have told the guy this: "No, he didn't cheat cuz bullets and targets dont lie... You suck, get over it!"
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    What a dork, that loser.
  11. How do you cheat unless you go downrange and put a hole in the target with a pen or something like that? Skillcraft always worked good in the Army (same size as 5.56mm/.223). Other than that... how can you cheat? Accept it, man, HPs are accurate. 8)
  12. He cheated because he used "the force" to guide the bullet that the "POS" Hi-point couldn't have fired accurately on its own. "Jedi master Primal Seal"
  13. UPDATE

    So I went to the range thats like 15mins from my house and I think I can honstly say I will not be returning there to shoot execpt if I decide to get my act 235 or take a class as they are too expensive. The facility is nice but you cannot draw from a holster and you have to use their ammo and I wish I would have snapped a picture but you have to buy their ammo and even if you didnt shoot all thier ammo the last time you were their you have to buy their ammo over again. Everything was basically overpriced even the targets they were 1.50 each and you have to buy theirs, thats why I only shot 1 box of ammo. So I gave them a chance but for 30.00 I dont believe I got my monies worth so I will be going to the outdoor range thats 30 mins away that I can bring my own ammo and targets and its only 6.00 for the whole day and targets are .50 or I can bring my own.
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    thats the kind of place i go to i dont like putting up with a regular range.
  15. Outdoor is soo much better anyways. Can usually shoot whatever you want out of whatever weapon you want at whatever you want (target wise, no TVs). Plus there's usually tables near by that you can take a break and relax at, eat that burger your grabbed on your way, and just smoke all you want. Never have liked the idea of indoor ranges anyways.
  16. Never been to an inside range, outside ranges have their advantages until winter or the mid of summer.
  17. I much prefer outdoor. Less percussive sound, fresh air....
  18. Wish I could open my own indoor range where it was just as fun as an outdoor range and not so overpriced
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    the indoor range I go to lets me shoot all day, any day, except sunday at my targets or theirs (at $1 ea) and I can use their eye & ear protection or my own with my ammo all for $125 per year. plus they gave me a nice shirt & hat and I can rent guns for free if I buy their ammo, which I have to admit is a tad overpriced. Example.......Box of winchester 45 is $19.
  20. If they supply the pistol and you only have to pay 19 bucks for a box of name brand ammo, that sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

    If it were me, I might even have to try out one of them there Glocks :)