And you thought Hung was bad...

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  1. Silicon Wolverine

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    Hey you cant knock wing. The south park boys got in a gunfight over her.


  2. OMG! Who let that woman do that to AC/DC? :x
  3. "Hells Bells" truly sounded like Hell lol
  4. Lets hear you guys sing those songs in Chinese LOL

    Give the lady a break, she's trying! :)
  5. Strangerous

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    What part of her do you want me to break? :lol:
  6. urotu

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    Haha, she's trying what? Trying my patience, he he he...

    Maybe she's trying to give every good old rocker in the states a heart attack, she might s8ucceed too.

    Pretty funny though in reality, wow, I still don't believe it.
  7. Entertainment comes in many forms. Some of todays noise I will not even dignify calling it music.

    Back in my time there was Tiny Tim. Not exactly Eddie Van Halen but he had his following.

    Im like if you wont look down on me liking to listed to Pink Floyd, I wont look down on your liking to listen to PuffDaddy Screech Thump fiddy cent.

    Except at the stop lights...... Turn it to hell down! LOL

    The lady has a website and even sells CD's and makes personal appearances. I do not, so she is one up on me.

    How many of you guys make a living singing? Those can cast the first stones. ;)

    Check this out and see how many visits she has had to her page, my home page has had 2300 visitors in 10 years

    Fame comes in many different fashons.
  8. urotu

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    Ha ha, she' alright Waltham, and you;re right, sh'e making it bihgger than I am for sure.

    Don't get me wrong, you gotta give her kudos for being out there and doing it, but that don;t make it any less humorous. That voice and Highway to Hell? I mean c'mon dude, even you nhave to see the humor in that!
  9. urotu

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  10. I do see the humor, her singing makes me smile and I thank her for that.

    That lady has brass balls for doing what she does and I can respect that in anyone.

    I say what the hell, if it makes her happy then its all worth it. She has found her niche in life, I am still looking for mine.
  11. Good for them! If they have the guts to get up there and do their thing, more power to them. That is what America is all about. :D

    Now would I go see them? Maybe not, I would not go to a rap or C/W concert either, but that doesnt make them any less important to the people that are in to their form of entertainment.