Another 10/22 Stock Replacement Option

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  2. Wow, spendy, but so nice.

  3. Man that is pretty nice right there :) I really would love a 10/22, just not sure when I'll be able to squeze it in....
  4. Looks to be a little too boxy and pricy for my taste, but to each his own when it comes to the 10/22.

  5. Those are some awesome looking rifles, but why spend all that money modifying a 10/22? I know it's cool, but sheesh, spend the money on an AR or a 995 or something that can legitimately be used for HD/SD/SHTF.

    Not saying that a .22LR can't be used for those applications, it just wouldn't be my first choice.
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    I don't think alot of people would modify 10/22's like that for HD or SHTF. It would make for a nice plinker. I just wonder how people modify airsoft shells to put on their 10/22.
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  8. :shock: those are awsome :shock:
  9. I have two stock style's I like on my 10/22 rifles....

    The plain jane factory wood stock with barrel band in my first choice. It's a simple stock that woods best for an all around hunter/utility rifle.

    Second choice is a Butler Creek folding stock. The BC folding stock is probably the best production folding stock on the market for the 10/22 rifle. When you need a more compact setup for your rifle the BC folder is the way to go.

    Folding stocks from Ram Line and ATI are big, boxy, and have a boat paddle size butt section. The locking arm on these two stocks has a good bit of wobble when locked in the open position.

    Choate makes an "OK" 10/22 folding stock, but it cost a bit more than the BC, RamLine or ATI. The lock up is pretty tight, almost as good as the BC, but could be a bit better for the price. The Choate is nice and slim and comes with heat shield for top of the barrel. The butt area is still a bit large but not as large as the butt on the ATI or RamLine stocks. I could settle for the Choate folder if unable to get the BC.