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    I asked a while ago weather or not my .22LR boltaction can fire the .17HM2 round and you all said that it was too small, but look at this

    "SAAMI specifications call for a case length of .714" and the same 1.0" cartridge overall length as the .22 Long Rifle cartridge, so the .17 M2 will function in existing .22 LR magazines and actions. Maximum average pressure is held to .22 LR levels, so pretty much any rifle or handgun chambered for the .22 LR could be adapted to the .17 Mach 2. Barrel bore and rifling specifications are identical to the .17 HMR, further simplifying production for gun manufacturers. Hornady has done everything possible to insure the market success of their new cartridge."

    does ths mean that i can fire the round as long as its from a .22LR capable gun? and its boltaction, so i dont need to worry about the blowback that the semi-autos have right?

    heres the link
  2. Its not the cases that the issue, its the projectile its self (the bullet).

    Its smaller than the bore of a 22lr rifle and if you fired a 17hm2 though it, it would bounce all the way down the barrel and have the accuracy of you kicking a sponge at the target.

    Basically a projectile bouncing down the barrel is NOT going to be usable at all.

    Now if you changed the barrel, then it might be a different story.

    Edit: I just re-read your post and they say that the barrel bore for a .17 is the same as a .22??? Seriously? that makes no sense to me but if the .17 works in a .22 bore properly, then hmmm...

    Edit Number 2: I read the link, they are saying that the 17hm2 is the same bore/rifling as the 17hmr, not the .22. You would still need a new barrel.

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    .22 LR is .221-3 average bullet dia. .17 HMR is .170. Thats a .050 difference. Its doubtful whether the bullet would even exit the barrel. If you want to shoot .17 go buy a dedicated .17 rifle or a conversion kit for yours.

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    ok, thanks again n sorry for bringen this up again.
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    Take a BB (as this is the same size as the 17hmr) try to roll it down the barrel of your 22lr. If it will roll down the barrel then the 17 hmr is far to small to shoot out of your barrel.
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    Dont be sorry. Asking questions how you learn.

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    alright one more question, you guys said the .17hm2 bullets too small, and wont be tight to the rifleing, if i DO shoot this round, will it hurt my gun?
  8. More than likley, yes. Rifling likes a snug fit. I wouldn't try it with any of my guns.

    BTW, why would you want to try? The loss of accuracy from firing a smaller bullet down a bigger barrel would negate any possible advantage.

    This question sounds harsher than it is meant, I just don't know how else to ask. I am just trying to figure out what your trying to accomplish.
  9. I would never suggest firing a round out of a weapon that the weapon was not made to shoot.

    Just a basic safety issue.