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Its not the cases that the issue, its the projectile its self (the bullet).

Its smaller than the bore of a 22lr rifle and if you fired a 17hm2 though it, it would bounce all the way down the barrel and have the accuracy of you kicking a sponge at the target.

Basically a projectile bouncing down the barrel is NOT going to be usable at all.

Now if you changed the barrel, then it might be a different story.

Edit: I just re-read your post and they say that the barrel bore for a .17 is the same as a .22??? Seriously? that makes no sense to me but if the .17 works in a .22 bore properly, then hmmm...

Edit Number 2: I read the link, they are saying that the 17hm2 is the same bore/rifling as the 17hmr, not the .22. You would still need a new barrel.
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