Another 400 rds

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  1. Well another 400 out of the 995 and the M&P. Tried to get the 15 rd promag to work with no luck........

    The 3 point sling worked like a charm though.....

    Ok so here goes I got to shoot a Storm in 9mm. HOLY TRIGGER PULL BATMAN!!!!!!! That was the biggest complaint with that thing. It takes some work to pull that trigger. I thought it was on safe thats how hard the trigger pull is. The safety will dang near break your finger if you try to operate it one handed!!!!! Other than that the function was flawless. Last round hold open and bolt release were very nice touches!!!!

    All in all I have to say my 995 ATI felt better and other than the magazines I made a great choice!!! My buddy with the storm liked the 995 as well. Just wasnt to impressed. He is kind of a snob though. lol but good people.
  2. You give a range report with no pics... WTFH? Dude, don't make me get the Gunny!

  3. I have to get the video from my buddy. I didnt download it from him yet thats all
  4. tick tock tick tock........ :lol:
  5. Ok you vulchers here are the vids

    My and my M&P!!! I had no idea I was shooting this fast. All rounds were on the target.
  6. Scriz

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    What kind of camera is he using? Very nice vid.
  7. Nic, you are a BEAST!

    Love the vids man, can't wait to get back and go shooting with you again!

    I see you took the scope of the 995, why did you do that? I liked that scope. Easy target acquisition, pin point accuracy, it was good. To each their own....
  8. Yeah I am going to a halo style sight????? soon i hope. We just used a regular digital camera that my friend brough. I forgot mine agian???? Im good at that huh primal