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    Hey guys,
    I wanted to thank everyone who had posted on my thread about their favorite ammunition to shoot. However this is a bit different question. Regarding the 9 Luger. What, iyho, is the best "NON +P" 9mm ammo with the most expansion out there? All replies are welcome, and if you think the question is dumb, don't be afraid to tell. I came here, because another forum has to many hotheads, and it's all about education as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the help.
  2. Massad Ayoob said the following ammunition is decent in the article below. He draws from various experiences of law enforcement.

    .45 Auto 230 grain Federal Hydra-Shok, Winchester SXT, Remington Golden Saber and CCI Gold Dot.

    .40 S&W Winchester Ranger SXT 165 grain

    9 millimeter Winchester Ranger 127 grain +P
    9 millimeter Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P

    If you are getting any ammunition for self defense in a Hi-Point Carbine definitely get +P ammunition as they are designed for regular and +P ammo. More gun powder equals a little more velocity. Obviously don't use +P ammunition in firearms that are not designed for it.

    There is 9 millimeter Federal Hydra-Shok 124 grain ammunition that is not +P ammunition. That is likely a good choice.

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    There is simply a limit to how far you can expand a hollow point before petals start shearing off and reliability and all that good stuff goes all wonky.
    The RIP ammo plays into that des integration spiel and is designed to do so creating 5-6 wound channels.
    So if you're looking for carnage it's probably one of those relativity recent marketing hype wunder bullets.

    Not a weird question, makes sense to me. There are a lot, and I means hours and hours worth of ammo reviews on YouTube.
    I've spend many a rainy afternoon U-tubin'
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    I'm no ammo guru but fiocchi has given me lots of problems but some swear by it. In my sig 9 fiocchi shoots powder n sparks all over the place, leaves my gun super dirty. No other ammo does this to my sig.
  5. I don't use +P for in home use as I do not need any more penetration than the perp offers! I use Hornady Critical Defense. Thinking of switching to their Lite version to help breast cancer research AND pop a per with a little less recoil(LC9) and penetration.

    That's me so YMMV!

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