Another CCW takes out the bad guy

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    SPARTA, Tenn. -- A man wanted for home break-ins in as many as 10 counties picked the wrong house last week in White County.

    Police said the burglar, Bryan Cook, 32, of Crossville, attempted to rob a house but was shot and killed by homeowner, Keith Girdley.

    Girdley told authorities he arrived home Thursday morning to find Cook about to leave after breaking inside.

    When he asked Cook what he was doing, he said the burglar pulled a gun from his waistband. That's when Girdley pulled out his own gun and shot the man.

    White County Sheriff Oddie Shoupe said Cook had already piled several items on a chair near the front door when he was confronted by Girdley.

    Shoupe said at this time no chares were pending against Girdley, and that he was registered to carry the gun he used to shoot Cook.
  2. Another one bites the dust :) Good for the homeowner, glad to hear he wasnt hurt in the incident.

  3. Good for the homeowner. If more people did this the crooks would eventually get the message, or there wouldn't be any more crooks. They'd figure out eventually that crime doesn't pay, unless your talking about a funeral.
  4. I just love stories with a happy ending!!!! :wink: :lol: :wink: :lol:
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    I wonder if there was a way to make the family of the departed pay for the stress, disturbed thoughts and so on from the homeowner. That, and however many rounds he expended. Interesting thought...
  6. Can you just imagine what could have happened if he didn't have a CCW? The robber could have either shot him or tied him up & left him there while he robbed the house right in front of the guy. Then left him there to who knows what fate!!
    It could have turned out really bad for the homeowner but instead this story had a happy ending so far. I just hope the robbers family can't sue him for killing their poor misunderstood baby :roll:
  7. In Tn there is a law prohibiting the family of the BG from suing the homeowner. In fact, if they BG had been under 18, then the homeowner could sue the family for allowing the minor to have access to a gun. God, I love the south!
  8. i believe they have the castle doctrine there in tennesee like we do in missouri. Its a glorious thing. Just think how much the taxpayers were saved in court fees and jailing by a $1.50 hollow point.
  9. Folks, this is exactly why we choose to carry a firearm. Seconds really do count when the Police are minutes away.
  10. Very well put, sir.
  11. another Spartan eliminates the enemy. :lol:

    [/obligitory 300 refrence]
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    Is anyone else interested in what his weapon was?
  13. JFF I'll guess a GLOCK... 23? Or maybe 19... 3rd guess is a 30 :). But yes, I am interested.
  14. bad guy go bye bye....
  15. bang bang bang, Another one bites the dust...

    I love that song lol
  16. Or many minutes for us rural people. We are our only first line defense against evil. The sheriffs come and make an after action report. :shock:
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    The CCw he was carrying was a Ruger SecuritySix 357. With a 3.5 inch barrel. It was also a stainless steel. I got to see the firearm on tv when they did a close up of it.
  18. I was about to ask if he shouted THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!!as he unleashed his mighty wrath upon the invader....

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    America Strikes Back!

    I'm lovin' it.
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    Very well put indeed.