Another clown in Tampa shoots self

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bluharley, Mar 16, 2015.

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    Gotta love the buffoonery of criminals when they inflict justice upon themselves. It's too bad that more don't do that.
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    Probably tried to grab his pants to pull them up and his finger slipped onto the trigger.
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    Or It slipped onto the trigger while he was shoving it into his waste band.
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    Yea, that just baffles me. Pants down around your knees are "cool" I guess, and they'd rather look "cool" than be able to run from LEO. Someone was telling me that that whole thing started in the prison system because they gave the convicts pants that were too big, so when they get out, it's what they're used to. Don't know if there is any truth to it, But it just looks stupid, makes no sense from a practical point of view, especially if you're going to have to be running from the cops. Leave em stupid I guess, makes them easier to catch.
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    The story I heard was that it was a "tell" the prisoners had that meant the one with their pants hanging down was ready for some buttsechs.

    Then again, with most black communities, an arrest record is more sought after than a high school diploma. So, if the clothes were loose, and that's how the ex-cons are used to wearing their clothes, I can see where the style would catch on
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    To allow my adopted city to retain some dignity I would like to point out that this was an Orlando clown not a Tampa clown.
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    Oh sh!T! My mistake, sorry Tampa.
  9. Some how the cop he flagged down will get accused of shooting him..
    Just sayin
  10. I love it when I deal with the " low hangers" I don't have to get out of my squad to chase them. Just drive behind and wait for them to flop over like an epileptic having a seizure. I don't get dirty, don't rip my uniform, keep all the powdered sugar on my doughnuts, and still get blamed for using excessive force..
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    So that is where ALL the Clowns went to?
    I haven't seen a Clown is some time!
    But then, I live in the country & Clowns don't like cornfields?
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    Now, Mel. There are plenty of clowns in the country. They just wear different makeup. :D
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    NE Utah
    Yep. And they drive clown cars, too. Funny German ones, instead of good ol Amurican cars...:p
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    It started in California prisons as a sigh the inmate was willing to take it you know where. When they got out they kept wearing their pants that way and the idiot gang members that didn't know better thought it was cool and copied it. Real smart cookies. Now its a fashion for the meatheads. They know what it means but are to stupid buy the right sized pants. Makes it easier to run them down though ;-)
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    If you were referring to my Mercedes Benz, I gave that car away 2 years ago. I found a lady in need of transportation, but she is not a clown, because she doesn't wear make-up!

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    I don't quite think that's the "why behind".
    Arrested and taken to jail and having to surrender your belt and shoe laces.
    Hence the having to hold up your pants being equated with looking 'gangsta'.
    And everybody knows looking like a jailbird is cool.
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    So wearing your pants "Jail'n" can cause gangrene and require penis/testicle amputation?!?!

    Do they seriously expect anyone to believe this? Reminds me of a pamphlet (from the 1920's IMS) warning of the dangers of masturbation. Apparently masturbation can cause (medical) sexual dysfunction, physical deformation, and might actually kill you!

    That didn't make kids stop masturbating and this particular anit-jail'n scared-straight bit won't stop wannabes from jail'n. :rolleyes:

    Peace favor your sword,
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