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    I was looking at different 9mm's for a friend of mine. I recommended the c9 of course, but as mine has had a few hiccups when he was shooting it, he decided to go a different route. Fair enough.

    Anyway, in my research I came across this site. I imagine many of you have already seen it, but as I don't recall ever seeing it posted here I thought I'd drop it in.

    We may be at the bottom of the list, but it is rather impressive crowd to be grouped with IMO. And the review is definitely complimentary.
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    When you consider the price of the HP compared to he rest of the list I'd say its at the top. While I know price isn't everything I still think it speaks volumes about the HP. Its funny to scroll down the page and look only at the price. Anyone who didn't know about HP would think its a mis-print :) :)


  3. I own several guns on that list and am working on having a Hi-point for every room in the house!! 3 Hi-points so far and am always looking for more. Good find!!
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    "Its funny to scroll down the page and look only at the price. Anyone who didn't know about HP would think its a mis-print"

    I would have thought it was a misprint, had I not already owned a hi point. In fact, when I was looking into getting my first handgun I DID think that the pricetags I saw in articles talking about hi points were mistakes.

    It is extremely refreshing to me to see a gun manufacturer not jacking up prices in what I think of as a generally overpriced field. Should all good handguns cost 100-150? No. Probably not. But for now it is really nice to know of a line of weapons within that price range, from a fantastic company, that are accurate and reliable. It almost communicates to me that some companies could probably sell their products for a lot less, and still turn a reasonable profit.

    But then, I'm neither a manufacturer nor a dealer, and have never worked in firearms sales. So, this is just an observation.

    Thank you hi point for being reasonably priced. I'm glad I didn't listen to the naysayers when I considered purchasing my c9.