Another flawless day at the range

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by MarksmanOne, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Well, I went to the range yesterday, and it was just another flawless day with my C9.

    My SKS, Glock 17, and SKYY were flawless too. I sometimes have trouble with my SKYY with FTE, but I only shot 20 rounds through it and didn't have any problems whatsoever.

    A boring range report, I know; but, everyone needs to hear when things go well just as when things don't go as well.
  2. Thats great!!!!! Just had a great range day with Primal on Saturday. That makes for a great day....

  3. Stryker1, when you gonna post about our range trip?

    Marksman, good to hear you had a good time. So did Stryker and I, move-n-shoot, 2 gun drills, it was awesome!!!!!!
  4. I got out again this weekend. I concentrated on some longer distance shooting. I even compared my Glock 17 to my C9... 25 yards, 20 rounds (two magazines of 10 with a rapid reload), timed event.

    With my G17 I got 19 hits, 1 miss, <15 sec., and no malfunctions
    With my C9 I got 19 hits, 1 miss, <15 sec., and no malfunctions

    I'll tell you: pound for pound, my HP C9 is a very reliable, very accurate handgun. The only thing I can say is: "Get experienced. Well, have you ever been experienced? Well, I have." -- Jimi Hendrix.