Another flawless day

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  1. Just got back from the range, 200 rounds of WWB FMJ and 50 rounds of WWB HP.

    I'm glad to see the HP's fed flawlessly. I've noticed though my 995 likes the lighter rounds better, 115 gr vs. 147 gr so I picked up some Remington 115 gr HP's to try next time. 100 rounds for $25 isn't bad for HP's.
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    Good to hear you got er running good. If you haven't already check in to reloading.

    Not saying you will spend less but you will shoot more. :)

  3. Thats awesome!!! Congrats on a great range day.
  4. I've been saving all of my brass since I started. I've got over 700 cases sitting in a bucket right now.

    If the 115 Gr. Hp's are as accurate, I may start reloading those and put on a low power scope. 25 yds is fine but things start getting fuzzy at 50 yds.