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another flawless outing with my c-9

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Went shooting today at a relatives house and took out my c-9. I only ran 50 rounds through the high-point and 50 through my glock but both functioned perfectly as usual. I have never had a single misfire or anything of the sort through either gun each probably has 1000+ rounds I do have a hi-point mag that needs to be sent in (last round hold open does not work with that one mag) and the gun shoots low but other than that no issues ever. I also shot a couple hundred rounds out of my ruger mark II but had a few ftf's but it was def. the remington bulk pack ammo. all in all a good day.

On another note I got my wife to shoot a few rounds (she hates it) and my 6 y/o shot some with my help. I plan to go out again in the next week or so because my 10 y/o wanted to go but had a b-day party to attend so he will need some shooting time as well.
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