Another Goat Project

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  1. @Visper posted his goat project last week so I thought I would post the project my wife Maurine just finished. Yes, she pretty much did this all herself, well at least she hired a guy to do it for her. But it was her plan and she paid for it with money from goats she sold in the last couple of months. It's definitely been a sellers market lately. So, the idea was to have a way to be able to back up the truck and roll off a round bale of hay, that the goats could eat off of free choice. Goats are actually picky creatures and don't like wet hay. We also wanted to be able to give them feed without being in there with them. Also, ran a yard hydrant out there for water and plan on adding a couple of automatic waterers. I think her plan came together pretty well.
    It's built very well. Probably better than it needed to be.

    Shelter 1.jpg

    Shelter 2.jpg

    Shelter 3.jpg

    Shelter 4.jpg
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  2. Visper

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    That's one helluva Goat project!!! Nicely done.

    Yeah, mine will grow I am sure but great seeing another!!
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    Tall roof. A loft for you to stay in when she's pissed! :lol:
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  4. That's nice! Is she gonna build you a gun shed next?
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