another good sunday

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by colthrash, Mar 9, 2015.

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    got up this morning, had coffee, home made BACON egg and cheese biscuits, loaded up the quads and off to the desert. we (me, wife and daughter home from college) rode for about 2 hours, and then went shooting. took the c9, jhp, 38sp, 380 and the mosin. met a couple of friends at the range and shot, well, everything. daughters favorite??? that's right, the jhp. a proud moment. why I asked her, "I like the weight, it feels good" nuff said...
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    Congratulations on a good day! My buddy and I went to a range where I'm a member because the one we both belong to is under water from recent rains and melting snow. The bay was a muddy mess but we had target arrays out and got in about 250 rounds each of practice for upcoming USPSA matches. Sun shining, temps hit 55 degrees. Best day we've had in weeks!