Another great Hi Point company move !!!!

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  1. On January 20th I ordered a couple of clips and a T-shirt from HP and as of the 30th I hadn't heard anything from them, so I gave them a call and spoke with a "Sissie". She told me she couldn't find the order, but without any questions she said that she personally would get it out.
    I got it yesterday and the box contained 2 clips, a blue t-shirt, a tan t-shirt, a black HP cap and a note saying they were out of black shirts in my size, but as soon as they come in she would send me one.

    She never asked me to prove that I had placed a the order, she did find a previous order I'd placed.
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    niiiiice. HP does a fantastic job of keeping us happy.

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    Gotta love a company that takes care of their customers!
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    I placed an order online for a hat Saturday, and yesterday I got a nice email from Shirley telling me it had shipped. I also (the same day) sent an email with a question about which holster to order, and got a message yesterday (from Shirley) again with the answer. I haven't gotten anything yet, but I'm already impressed with the service.
  5. Hey. That just backs up all the great things you hear about HP's customer service!!!
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    pretty cool.. people bash hi-point but their CS seems to be one of the greatest i've not had the pleasure of dealing with them yet.
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    I have had the honor and pleasure to meet with the majority of MKS, who markets Hi-Points and Charter Arms: Great bunch of people! Down to earth, who know thier stuff, and by the by, are real people themselves.

    To anyone who sends thier firearm back, it gets tossed back into the production line to get fixed. That means, whomever gets it, KNOWS the firearm more than anyone. Who better than one who assembles them first hand to fix it? The person, takes it out of the batch, and hopefully whoever sent it back, sends a note, they go on that. Up over that, they make sure everything about it is up to modern specs for the particular firearm.
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    Yeah, just imagine if they did that in the automotive industry! Too bad other industries can't be guided by hipoint's leading methods.