Another great video!

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    Here is my personal favorite.
  2. One of my favs, but still so wrong...

  3. I've seen it before and it annoys me. I hope she dumped him for someone that cares about her. You don't give someone a weapon beyond their training.

    What we have here is video proof of the creation of a gun-hater. Please don't ever treat a new shooter like this.

    -Sorry for the rant there, but I've taken several people shooting for their SECOND time and I had to promise them that it would not be unpleasant for them again. Undoing first impressions is not easy.
  4. Her second shot should have been in his direction, he knew what was going to happen before it did.

    If I did that to my wife I would now live in a different state under an assumed name, looking over my shoulder often
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    She got smacked on her grape with the recoil!!
  6. Um... personally my ex would have put a bullet in my foot to teach me a lesson had I even dared suggest she "couldn't handle the recoil", and she most likely would have gotten knocked out afterwards (she makes the woman in the video look like a giant; she was about 5'2, and soaking wet with rocks in her pockets might have weighed 100 lbs). Just trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt :).
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    "Put your tong in your mouth and keep it there." :lol:
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    ROFLMAO :lol:
    What a great commercial!