Another HP .40 report

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  1. Got my pistol last friday. Bought a box of random ammo. Shot 100 rounds. 2 stove pipes that was the only problem. Very accurate, at least as accurate as a new pistol shooter can be. Blasted some bowling pins at about 50 yds with out too much trouble. Once agian not enough ammo. Where is a supply of cheap .40?
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    Wal-Mart: 100 rd. box of Winchester white box $21 and 50 rd. box of CCI brass blazers for $9.97

  3. Stopped by there today after work. Got a box of Winchester s&w going to do a little shooting on turkey day.[/img]
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    I just shot 100 rds. of CCI Blazer Brass with zero jams or ftfs. Needless to say, they're my new favorites.