Another new baby - Springfield 1911 A1 GI Edition

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  1. 47_MasoN_47

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    Check this out, I can't carry it yet because I'm not 21, but I enjoy playing with it in the field blasting away bottles. $450 for the gun, holster, and a crap load of Black Talon 230grn ammo. EDIT: It only came with 1 mag, I'm thinking I'm gonna get some Chip McCormick mags, is that what you other 1911 guys would recommend?
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    There's a certain elegance in uncomplicated simplicity.

  3. Mike_AZ

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    Very nice! That is one fine looking firearm.
  4. That is real nice! Very good price too.
  5. 47_MasoN_47

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    Thanks guys, anybody know if Wolf will shoot through these things? Some people say it does and others say it doesn't. I won't be using that for self defense but I want something cheaper to shoot for practicing.
  6. Welcome to the 1911 world.

    Nice gun.

    Wolf will shoot through it but it may need a break in period.

    Edited for mag info.

    I have had good results with Wilson 47D and Kimber KimPro TAc Mag, I have had spectacular resuls with the Wilson ETM mags also.
  7. Chip McCormick mags work fine in all my 1911s. A couple of years ago I got a deal on "Factory Colt" mags--yep, that's what they are; Chip McCormick mags marked 'Colt' pony and all. There are a lot of good choices for mags, just avoid the $5.95 mags advertised all over and buy good mags.

    A 1911 in decent shape (or even beat to hell) will feed about any ball ammo I've ever used. Wolf, Blazer, whatever is cheapest makes the best plinking ammo.

    For defense ammo, you'll have to decide for yourself. Currently I'm carrying 185 grain Silvertip in my Ultra CDP (no problems even though Kimber recommends 230 grain). Shoot what you choose to know it's utterly dependable--your life, and the life of loved ones, depends on it.

    Nice pistol you've got there! You'll probably never be without a 1911 again! :D :D
    1911 is the closest design to a perfect handgun there is.
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    I own a RIA1911, and have several different mag types, based upon recomendations from here. I have found ones that DO work, and others that dont.
    Factory, my 1911 came with a 8 rounder, that functions fine. I bought a bunch of 8 round Armscorp mags, that half work: the other half, need "tuning". Several 7 round mags, the SS McCormick ones work just fine. IN fact, they are on my scabbard now for my carry duty. The other 8 rounders, I have one in my back pocket, and the other close by...

    I suggest, you get several, and see how they work for you. But never go out with only one magazine ;)

    Edit: I love how yours looks! If you plan on carrying that CCW wise, then expect some wear on the edges of the park.
  9.'ve made me realize that I need a 1911 STAT! :D
  10. I like the simple 1911s like yours.

    I have 3 mags, one unknown one, and a chip mccormik and a wilsons and they all work perfectly.

    Its actually an extremely reliable gun. Just a plain ole Norinco that looks like it might have had a bit of work done to it at one time (aftermarket trigger)
  11. Either Chip McCormick or Wilson Combat mags. They seem to be really popular for reliabilty.
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    dangit would you people stop showing me pics of 1911's?? That is my next planned purchase. Exactly your pistol and I'm envious you got it for 450.
    I am now going to retreat into a private area where I can turn green.
    Nice pickup. Cheers.
    Oh, and all the contractors I know use Wilson mags.
  13. nice, i don't know how long i can keep myself away from 1911. i can feel them, growing inside of me. the dark force is pulling me...
  14. 47_MasoN_47

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    Man some of those posts left me laughing pretty hard, thanks for all the info though. I'm gonna look up some prices on the McCormick and the Wilson Combat mags to see if there's much difference. I probably will carry it when I get my CCW but I think I'll have it in one of those under-arm holsters most of the time. During the summer when I don't wear a jacket I dunno if I'll carry that one or not since it's kinda large. I wanna try to keep it in nice condition too.
  15. 47_MasoN_47

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    Well I took it out in the back yard earlier and ran a mag through it into a target from somewhere between 10 and 15 yards. Can't say I'm very happy with the results... Either I suck, the gun isn't very accurate, or the bullets I'm using aren't very accurate. The 4/7 that hit the paper were in a decent enough group to hit somebody in the head but the 3 strays hit in the computer case I used as a backing about 1 foot off to the left, right and left again. Anybody got any ideas what might cause that? I was shooting pretty slow (target fell over each time I shot it) and I can hold it pretty steady. I dunno maybe I'll just play with it some more :)
  16. You'll be able to carry it all the time, you'll be surprised to learn how well it conceals.
    The 1911 in .45acp is difficult to master but when you do you'll be very impressed with the accuracy.
    Not being smart but it's [robaly you and not the gun. Let an experienced 1911 shooter at your range try it out and see what he or she can do with it after running a mag through first to see where it hits in relation to your sights.
  17. condition1

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    i'm guessing its you. get some kind of rest for it to ensure it's grouping properly, then adjust if needed, any SA pistol I've ever seen was dang near perfect right outta the box. If you can't find an experienced 1911 shooter, become one. Practice. practice. practice more then let us know.
    ps DO NOT PRACTICE ON THE BIG SCREEN, as it appears in the photos posted. that could get expensive.
  18. 47_MasoN_47

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    Thanks .45acp. The guy that sold it to me did warn me by saying "the 1911 is like a woman, each one has to be handled a little differently, but once you find the spot she'll be all yours."
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    All 1911's are not created equal. Some are better than others. Like this: