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    Benjamin Airguns, the premium hunting brand of Crosman Corporation, takes the leash off what’s expected from an airgun with the announcement of their new big bore, the Bulldog .357 air rifle. Lighter, more maneuverable and featuring over 30 inches of rail space for accessorizing, the Bulldog is lethally effective on predators, large hogs, trophy whitetail, and as professional hunter Ian Harford has proven, even African plains game.

    The Bulldog is offered in a bullpup configuration that allows for an overall length of only 36 inches and a weight under eight pounds. And created for the Bulldog is the Benjamin SoundTrap™, a trapezoid shaped shroud designed for big bore sound suppression.

    “We created the Bulldog to respond to the growing demand for more powerful, higher caliber airguns,” said Jennifer Lambert, VP marketing for Crosman. “The Bullpup style allows us to give hunters that power, but still offers maximum balance and maneuverability.”

    By moving the breech rearward, the barrel length necessary to generate large game-capable power is preserved while reducing the overall length for balanced handling.

    Today’s trophy hunters outfit their rifles with a range of optics, cameras, night vision gear and bipods. The Bulldog can accommodate all these and more with 26 inches of picatinny rail above the barrel and 5.5” inches below the muzzle.

    “The Bulldog is a completely new platform, designed from inception to offer exceptional balance and ergonomics. When using standard AR co-witness scope rings (37mm height) shouldering the rifle and staying on target is a breeze.” says Jesse Caster, Senior Product Manager, Airguns.

    An all new 5-shot magazine design is easier to load and provides visual confirmation when full or empty. The flush fit into the stock means no interference when aiming. An efficient sidelever bolt enables a single cocking motion, providing quick followup shots, and a crisp, two-stage trigger delivering the predictability hunters demand. The side-mounted pressure gauge is conveniently located for reading during filling and for monitoring while in the field. The Bulldog includes standard sling posts for easy carry.

    The Benjamin Bulldog delivers consistent five-shot groups of nearly 800 feet per second (FPS) and with a stunning 200 foot pounds of energy (FPE) when using the Benjamin eXTREME™ airgun 145 grain hunting bullet by Nosler®. Shooters can expect up to 10 usable shots on a single charge.

    The Bulldog .357 is better suited than any firearm for hunting small parcels where noise and limited range are factors. And when adventure beckons, the Bulldog is the one rifle that has a permanent spot in the pickup. The Benjamin Bulldog is available now at an MSRP of $999.99.

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    And only $1000.00. Hey sounds like a helluva deal to me.

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    $1000 for a very quiet, minimal recoil hunting rifle. From what I understand, the air gun community has been waiting for this for some time
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    Uhm unless there is a typo I would likely not take that hunting for anything more than small to medium game. Has way less muzzle energy than a .22m or even a .17hmr with a much much larger round so range and shot placement would be really limited.

    They also don't state at which range they did the accuracy tests.
  5. Agreed. 200ft.lbs muzzle energy? $1000 no thanks
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    800 fps and 200 ft.lbs?
    That's the same speed but half the energy of a .45ACP.
    Curious how you take big game with these numbers.
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    It may be good for silently dispatching trash can raiders, or very troublesome strays though /shrug...but a $60 used single shot and some really good .22short works alright louder than a daisy pump