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  1. Krippp

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    well here's the latest addition to the family before she gets torn apart and thoroughly cleaned. yugo sks 59/66A1, the wolf ammo in the black boxes I bought today and the wolf military classic on the left was a customer appreciation gift from the gunshop, they also threw in a speedloader for the wifes rossi .38 and free range time
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    There's nothing like getting customer appreciation bonuses! That's why I always will buy a pistol on my birthday! (Heck, it got me 50 rounds of SD .380! once) I like the Yugos... just because of the 'nade launcher!

  3. That is a good looking rifle . I ran 100 rds through the one that I have as fast as I could to see how it would do , and when I was finished with the last round you could not touch the front sight it was so hot, but everything held up good .
  4. Very nice!

    How much?

    I love SKSs.
  5. Krippp

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  6. Its hard to beat an sks. Thats a good looking rifle 8)
  7. Good deal!!

    I was thinking about buying a cheap beater SKS the other day, an old worn Norinco with a lot of bluing wear and a nasty stock for 150 but I needed to spend my money on something else.

    I kinda wonder if I will regret not buying it.

  8. Good price; smart move picking that up!!
  9. I have nothing but good to say about the SKS. Its a good medium range rifle, most are well made and will last for years and years with decent care.

    Nice looking rifle krippp.
  10. Thats a great deal for the gun and all that ammo. I love my SKS, it's my second favorite gun next to my FEG.
  11. nice rifle!your making me want to get one now :D
  12. You really cant beat a SKS for a SHTF weapon. 10 rds, as accurate as it needs to be, and easy to maintain.

    Well worth buying, and I think the prices will only keep going up on them just like everything else these days.
  13. where? a dealer?
  14. Congrats! You have a sweet looking Yugo there.

    I would suggest getting a Murry's Firing Pin/Spring upgrade kit, this is the ONLY upgrade I consider necessary when it comes to the SKS Carbine.
  15. elguapo

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    Awesome deal, and even more awesome rifle! Congrats!
  16. Krippp

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    where? a dealer?[/quote]

    yes, my favorite one
  17. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    yes, it was purchased at my favorite local dealer
  18. Very nice looking SKS.

    I have the Norinco Chinese SKS. SKS's are nice and I plan on maybe getting another.