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Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by sdbrit68, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. sdbrit68

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    Hello everyone......

    Another Newbie here to hi-point, spent the last few days reading many threads before joining, as I didn't want to post questions on the same things 100 other people probably have.

    Due to Commiefornias 10 day wait period ( now found unconstitutional), I pick up my new c9 on the 16th. Background, more of a rifle guy, ex military, have shot smith and wesson 45's, and previously owned a beretta 40 which I loved to death, I cleaned it just to spend quality time with it. I am NOT a name snob, and I wont be comparing the two.

    Wanted a new handgun, I dont shoot more than once a month to two months, so, the hi-point seemed correct to me, after reading and filtering out the " I would never own that crap " crowd comments.

    Few questions......

    1) I have seen repeatedly, only load 7 rounds the first 100 rounds during break in, suggested numerous times on older threads before a full load

    2) the one at the gun store, to rack it seemed a lot more effort than my beretta, does this break in, and become easier ( thinking of the ole lady)

    3) My Beretta liked to be wet, actually many owners suggested using grease instead of oil, and it worked well the 2 years I had it, how about the c9 ?

    4) any ammo issues ?, I was preparing to buy a sccy cx2, until I read the manual where it seems to be very particular what ammo is run through it, I have 100 rounds remington, and a friend gave me 500 rounds silver bear

    Any suggestions for break in and such from this that been there done that is much appreciated, after that, I intend to hit the range and see what targets I can put a few hundred hole in

  2. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    My SCCY CPX only likes ammo that goes bang!

    Other than that it eats everything I feed it.

  3. planosteve

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    Welcome to the forum, I believe there are a few others in the San Diego area. I spent about 7 years there not including deployments. I don't know anything about the pistols, but my 4595 will eat anything including my fingers. As for lube, I use very little with no issues.
  4. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    I was really interested in the cpx due to price, size and reports on shooting.....just seemed like a quality item for work purposes.

    I went to their site, it said no steel case, very little +p, so I went off that. WIth what you are saying, maybe its worth another look. I started looking at a Taurus, size and serious concealment were the main concerns, with budget a second one

  5. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member of the reasons I picked up the Hi point was people saying it will fire anything, even nails if you let it
  6. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Welcome to the funhouse brit!!! The carbines shoot anything I feed em. I'm guessing the pistols do the same. It is a straight blowback design, so the slide is heavy. But, that makes for less recoil. Chicks dig Hi Points!!
  7. tallbump

    tallbump Supporting Member

    I bought my C9 and left the mags loaded with all 8 for a few weeks. Took everything to the range and fired away. Since then, I have fired several different brands of ammo, including different grains and hollowpoints and have never had an issue.
  8. sdbrit68

    sdbrit68 Supporting Member

    thank you all, probably have more questions after I run 500 or 600 rounds through
  9. planosteve

    planosteve Lifetime Supporter

    Just keep your finger out of the ejection port.:D
  10. Welcome to the whipping barn! ;)
  11. Welcome! I love my C9 - 392 rounds fmj fired for 3 double-feed & 3 fail-to-feed. I've shot wolf steel case and magtech, winchester & freedom munitions brass case. Hi-Point warranty is #1 and the value is outstanding! :D
  12. Superman

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    I am also new to the forum but we own our 2nd Hi-Point Handgun and I love it. Anyone on here from the Milwaukee, WI area?
  13. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    Welcome superman!!