Another one of Bloomberg's buddies get a visit from the FBI

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bscar, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    This time, Ohio's capitol city mayor is in the (local)spotlight.

    Now if only they'd investigate Cleavland's mayor adn get him out of there...
  2. MaryB

    MaryB Supporting Member

    Is their an honest politician?

  3. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    Just the dead ones..... Then it's chancy at best....
  4. bscar

    bscar Supporting Member

    They're out there riding their unicorns with Bigfoot
  5. Bull

    Bull Just a Man Supporting Member

    You leave my fellow Bigfeets outta this!...
  6. Rerun

    Rerun Supporting Member

    Guilt by association...

    Hanging out with the wrong crowd usually leads to more grief than actually doing something wrong.


  7. Makes you wonder who the Ohio's capitol city mayor pi$$ed of his buddy is Bloomberg and the FBI is actually doing an investigation.