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    I've just noticed a warning on the side of a case of Remington 1 1/2 Small Pistol primers. It says not to use them in .357 Mag, .357 Sig and .40 S&W. Now I have magnum primers for my .357 Mag rounds, but what is the problem with .40 S&W? I have loaded and fired several rounds in 40 s&w with these primers with no problem. I don't shoot 357 sig so no experience there. Anyone here had a problem with Rem 1 1/2's and 40 s&w? I looked on the web site like it suggests, but the ballistic tables the box refers to isn't there for pistol calibers. If it is they hide it well.
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    1 1/2 primers have softer cups. They can pierce with high pressure cartridges. Use 5 1/2 with the high pressure rounds.

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    Greg_r thanks. I am glad somebody had an answer. I mean I assumed it means to use the 5 1/2 size, but you know what they say about assuming!;) The warning said you can check the ballistic tables on the rem web site. Checked and couldn't find the ballistic tables. Googled every way I could think of, found the tables for rifle calibers but no pistol. Now I'll be sure that I can use 5 1/2.
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    Well, I got to thinking. I have the info I need in my reloading manuals! DUH! :eek: I have three different manuals and I looked online at the powder sites. All of the data I could find shows small pistol primers for the 40 S&W. And one of the first things in all of my manuals in the about primers says, always use the type of primer listed. I don't have any of my pistol ammo loaded any where near max loads, so I think I'll go with the manuals. I have been shooting the 40's with the small pistol primers already with great results.
    On a side note I found I had several 357 Mag loads with SP primers. So, today I had a marathon pull down session and was able to deprime many 357 mag cases. I'm going to continue to use my 40's as is. I would be concerned if they were heavy charges of powder but they aren't.;)
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    This is a response from Remington to a query several years ago about the warning on the 1 1/2's

    Response (Danny) 01/22/2011 11:28 AM*
    The 1 1/12 can be used in the 9 mm and 38. The higher pressure of the 40 and 357 require the 5 1/2. The 5 1/2 should work pretty well in all with a good solid firing pin strike.

    This information also holds true with winchester and wolf i.e. magnum primers contain same amount and type of compound as standard. The difference being the hardness of the cup. CCI is a different animal, they have a harder cup and hotter priming mix.
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    I use CCI 500 primers in every small pistol primer pocket.

    Large pistol primer pockets get CCI or Winchester.
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    Went to the range today with my 40 S&W's with the small pistol primers and it was a great session. No problems at all with these rounds. From now on I'll use the 5 1/2's in Remington, but things went great. I had 50 of the 357 mag's with the SP primers and LSWC bullets that I couldn't pull down, but they too fired with no problems. Needles to say the 357 mag's will ALWAYS be loaded with mag primers from now on. The 40 S&W's were all loaded using starting powder charge weight, so I'm not really concerned about them.
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    Kind of strange, SAAMI maximum pressure is the same for 9mm, 40 S&W, and .357 magnum.
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    Yeah. Shooting 9mm out of a revolver is like shooting 357s. ;) :D :rofl:

    Peace favor your sword (mobile)
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    Took two check rounds per large rifle out today and test fired the start charge of IMR 4064 with the WLRM primers rather than WLR's. They all shot no different from the loads with the standard primers. From all indications I could work the rounds up a little with no safety concerns. That makes me feel better:dance:! Thanks to all for all of the great advice. This forum and it's members is awesome! :cool:
  12. Thanks for posting the results of your test.
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    Absolutely, after bending the ears of pretty much all of the members here, and sifting as much knowledge as I can. I wouldn't have left you guy's, and girl's out of the results. I don't have a chrono, but the felt recoil from all three of my rifles was well manageable.
    Thanks again to all!
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    I load the 57x28 which is a high pressure round. It uses small rifle primers of which I ran out and used small pistol primers with no adverse results. I do load them on the low end. I have loaded 357s with small pistol primers since I couldn't find any small mag primers and they were fine.