Another range trip.. #2

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    Well, just walked in from my weekly, it seems, range trip. Bought 100 box of WWB at Walmart again. I'm starting to notice the "dirtyness" of the WWB, as there was alot of gun powder on the slide, sliderail, and barrel after I finished my 100 rounds. But with a good wipe down everything was good. Just need to get a barrel snake.

    Tore out the center of the silhouette at what I'm guessing is 25 yards, theres no marker or anything stating how far it is but it definately isn't 25 feet.

    Had 4 FTF's on the last round of the first 4 magazines. Then every mag after that was golden.

    Got to shoot a Walther P22, the guy in the lane next to me was looking over my shoulder and asked "What are you shooting?" as I was reloading my third magazine. I told him its a Hi-Point and he says, "Hey! I have one of those, I have had bad experiences with Winchester." But anyway, he let me shoot a magazine from his P22..its a very ergonomic gun, with almost no felt recoil whatsoever. I liked it alot, and plan on getting one as a range gun, since boxes of 500 are only 9.99 at the Wall of Marts.

    Good range trip overall, I plan on buying about 300-400 rounds next payday and running through them just to work out the kinks faster.
  2. Glad to hear your range trip went well!!!!! That is always a good thing